Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Watch Drewiske's first NHL game

If you are interested, Davis Drewiske is making his NHL debut tonight. The game can be found at this link. Drewiske is wearing #44 for the Kings. The Kings are playing the Senators who obviously feature Brian Elliott and Dany Heatley.

EDIT by 60: I hope Chuck doesn't mind my commandeering his post right now, but it seemed silly to start a new post.

In tonight's 1-0 victory by the Kings, Drewiske had 10:15 ice time and had 1 hit and 2 blocked shots. And no giveaways. So pretty good for his 1st NHL game, I think.

I'd like to say that I watched the game, but I got home late and missed the 1st period, and then my sister called and I missed the 2nd period. (And then for whatever reason I missed the 3rd.) Perhaps Chuck or anyone else who watched the game will share their thoughts?