Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wisconsin Native LaPoint Suffers Serious Ankle Injury

Ok, I know this isn't Badger hockey news, but this kid is from Wisconsin, and is a family friend. Being an obvious huge Badger supporter, I'm asking for your prayers in this as well. If you aren't aware, North Dakota defenseman and Eau Claire native Derrick LaPoint was seriously injured tonight on a freak hit in a game vs Minnesota State. I'm linking a picture but I won't post it here because it is definitely gross.

Like I said, even though LaPoint plays for the Sioux, you never want to see a kid get injured like this or injured at all. I would hope to expect the same respect from any other WCHA school. Hockey is a fraternity and that's why I love this game as much as I do. I pray to God that Derrick will be able to regain full motion in that ankle and is able to return to the game he loves. I have a message in to the family and hope to hear from them when they get an opportunity.

Derrick and the LaPoint family, you are in our prayers.

Link to picture (Not for those with a weak stomach)

Picture from the North Dakota blog

UPDATE from 60 - I'm relieved to be able to pass on the following information from a family friend of the LaPoints who knew that a number of our readers were concerned about Derrick and his injury: While Derrick broke both the tibia and fibula in his leg, the breaks were both clean, and his prognosis sounds pretty good. As painful as the injury must be (and I'm certain it's extremely painful), it seems that things could've been quite a bit worse. And today Schlossman indicates that the Sioux are hopeful that LaPoint will be 100% for next season. Best wishes to Derrick for a full and speedy recovery! - 60