Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly Poll ?

I've grown tired of the regular weekly poll question. It began when Ratty Johnson questioning his role on the team and if he should play the trash talking, free wielding player of last season. Hell he owned Joe Finley, played on the top line and was drafted by the Canadiens last season, if its not broke what's to fix?

His teammates didn't play w/ much intensity saturday night either, and sapped some of my life force in the process. I'm pretty sure I heard a pin drop in the 3rd period, anyone else?

On top of all this, other than their goalie, I couldn't name a single player on the Mankato team, and why would I be able to? Whether its gopher, Huskie or Bulldog rejects, they all end up at Mankato.

So that begs the question, what is worse than being a Purple Cow and going to school at Mankato?

Option #1 - Having the DECC as your home arena. Not only does asbestos rain down from the ceiling, their student section has a hard time mastering any cheers that involve chanting more than the same word twice. An example would be Stalock, Stalock, which I could tell took some mighty brain power to devise. Maybe the DECC was great back in the 1970's, but now its just a DUMP.

Option #2 - Being Alex Kangas. This would should be pretty self explanatory. If giving up 48 goals and having a 3-8-1 record in your last 12 games isn't bad enough, you can't spell sex w/ a kangaroo w/ out Kangas. If I posted his picture, I doubt any other choice would get a vote.

Option #3 - The elevator(s) at North Dakota's hotel during TJ Oshie tenure. While at North Dakota, TJ Oshie was good at several things. He was one of the best forwards in the WCHA, was outstanding at being a stick holding bitch, liked to piss in elevators, and had a girlfriend that was passed around by everyone in Grand Forks like a dish at a potluck.

Option #4 - March 20, 2009 in Houghton, MI. March 20th is the 1st day of Spring and also the semis of the WCHA Final Five. On March 20th in Madison, Spring might actually be in the air and w/ April right around the corner warm temps are on their way. Not the case in Houghton, ice fishermen are getting their 3rd wind and if back on Ground Hog's day, the ground hog shadow didn't mean 6 weeks, it meant 6 more months of winter. On top of that Tech's season will be over. Look on the bright side, when summer does arrive it will only briefly get in the way of next winter.