Monday, February 16, 2009

Derek Lee finishes off weekend strong

The Victoria Grizzles won again yesterday, going 3-0 on the weekend, and Derek Lee did his part w/ two goals and an assist. On the weekend, Derek went 3-6-9, which is quite impressive. A few weeks back he was about 50th overall in league scoring, now he's tied for 19th w/ 13-42-55. Can't wait to see him in the Cardinal and White next season!

In some other recruit news, Craig Smith had a good weekend for the Waterloo Black Hawks. Craig had a goal and two assists on friday night as Waterloo hung 10 goals on Des Moines and Aaron Crandall (more on that in a bit). On saturday, Craig had a PP goal in a loss to Cedar Rapids. Craig is still 2nd in the USHL in scoring w/ a lot of season left to go. I just noticed that he will be 20 years old when the 2009 season starts. This is a huge bonus having an older experienced player coming in.

Keegan Meuer also had a goal against Crandall on friday night. Also in the game Keegan went toe to toe w/ future gopher puke Ryan Walters. Dplaya over at HIW had this video linked. Walters gets the better of the fight til the end when Keegan gets in some nice shots.

Also in that link is Keegan's goal on Aaron Crandall. As Dplaya says, "With defense like that, it's no wonder Crandall only stopped 44 of 54 shots...." While I think Crandall is definately struggling, if that video is what the defense in front of him is normally like, I feel sorry for the kid.