Sunday, February 8, 2009

Simonelli, Mersch, Ramage win @ international tourneys

2009 Vlad Dzurilla U-18
Future Badgers Frankie Simonelli (D) and Michael Mersch (F) helped the US National U-17 team win the Vlad Dzurilla U-18 Tournament in Piestany, Slovakia. In addition to the US U-17 team, the tourney included U-18 teams from Slovakia, Germany, and Switzerland.

I can't give you complete tourney results because I can't find the tourney website and (not surprisingly) the USA Hockey website doesn't have that information.

Feb 5: USA 3 - GER 1 (Simonelli 1-0-1, Mersch 0-0-0)
Feb 6: SWI 6 - USA 5 (SO) (Simonelli 1-0-1, Mersch 0-1-1)
Feb 7: USA 7 - SVK 1 (Simonelli 0-1-1, Mersch 0-0-0)

2009 Five Nations U-18
Future Badger John Ramage (D) helped the US National U-18 team win the Five Nations U-18 tournament in Nykoping, Sweden. The other 4 teams at the tourney were Sweden, the Czech Republic, Finland, and Russia.

Once again, despite locating, I can't find full tourney results. I was smart enough to find a 5-nationersturneringen link, but that page doesn't have results. So once again we'll have to settle for the offerings of the USA Hockey website. Team USA won all of its games to win the tourney. Ramage was held off the scoresheet.

Feb 5: USA 3 - SWE 2
Feb 6: USA 7 - CZE 3
Feb 7: USA 3 - FIN 2
Feb 8: USA 5 - RUS 3