Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ruckus the Red Tailed Hawk 4 Badgers 3 OT

Wow...I'm relatively speechless about the game even after a night of sleep.

The Badgers led 3-2 w/ 2 minutes to play, Denver scored a fluck goal w/ about 15 seconds left and then promotely won the game less than a minute into OT. (N. Michigan flashbacks anyone?)

Before that, the Badgers had two decent chances at the empty net, and on both goals allowed (and an earlier one) couldn't clear the zone at critical junctions.

The team came out and pounded DU for the 1st ten minutes, and then it was back and forth before the team reasserted control in the 3rd period, of course until the very end.

When they went to OT I knew it was either a loss or a tie for the Badgers, more on this later this morning.