Thursday, February 5, 2009

W/ out the helmet: Tony Lucia

Earlier this week, Tony Lucia, forward w/ the minnesota golden gophers, decided to take his helmet off and show his true self to fans and media (see the picture on the left). Tony is the son of famed coach Don Lucia who would rather lose 8-7 (pulling Wangas in the 2nd period) than win 1-0.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that w/ out his helmet Tony would take this form. Tony share one distinct similarity w/ monkeys.

Tony Lucia is well known for being a trash talking smart ass who likes to stir the pot and start some sh*t. While I have nothing against trash talkers who want to start some sh*t, most don't run and hide behind the referee when its time to pay the piper or hide underneath his daddy's skirt when the reaper comes calling.

Monkeys at the zoo like to pull some sh*t as well. Sometimes they think its funny to throw their crap at visitors and then in true Tony Lucia like fashion, run up into the tree and hide.

The moral to this story: a monkey who messes w/ a BADGER ends up owned!

Thanks to buckyville poster DoorCountyBadger for finding this picture.