Thursday, February 12, 2009

Potential Recruit Considering OHL

Recruiting is all about pipelines. You would have to be completely oblivious to ignore the fact that certain schools recruit certain schools and programs harder than others. One of Wisconsin's obvious pipelines is Team Illinois. I'm sure I'm probably forgetting someone, but past players Zach Bearson, and Nigel Williams both were from Team Illinois, and future players Michael Mersch and Frankie Simonelli both played at T.I. before moving on to the NTDP.

Team Illinois is as stocked as ever this season. The U-16 squad already has two players committed to Ohio State with Michael Vilardo and Chris Joyaux. (Both outstanding players) The U-16 squad also boasts a very nice late '93 birthdate in Jackson, Wisconsin native Trevor Morbeck. Morbeck has great size for his age. He's listed at a solid 6'2, 182.

Morbeck is an obvious recruiting target for the Badgers. Like I said he boasts good size, plays for a Badger pipeline program, and can put points up on the board against solid competition. Morbeck, who is the youngest player on the team, is currently 4th on the team in goals scored and is 6th in points per game.

Rumors are circulating that Morbeck maybe considering the OHL. When we spoke to him he had this to say about his upcoming decision on if he was going to end up going to college or bolt for a Major Junior program, "Im not saying one is better then the other. It is whatever is the right fit for you. I want to keep all of my options open and see what is available. I will wait until after the OHL draft to make a final decision."

There were rumors after last summers Select 15 festival that Morbeck is being considered for the NTDP. That's not surprising considering his size and skill level at this stage. If I had to take a guess at this stage in the game I'd have to guess that he'll end up in the OHL. I guess it will most likely depend on who and where he is drafted. And even who drafts him isn't that big of a deal, because the OHL is so shady that deals can be swung to get a kid accross the border. If the kid stays in the states, believe you and me that coach Eaves will be on this kid hard.