Sunday, February 8, 2009

"I know Kangas is my grandson, but it still makes me vomit in my mouth to watch these guys"

Congratulations to "anonymous" (hey, next time don't be an anonymouse!) on your I hate rodents caption contest win.

We had a number of good entries (and Donald). Here they are:

Nicole: "When did they start dyeing these shirts with real urine?"

EoDS: "Here's a particularly rowdy section of tonight's Mariucci crowd. The gentleman on the left is proving his hockey intelligence by watching quietly and not disturbing the players, while the gentleman on the right huffs chloroform to make sure that he doesn't get too excited."

Anon: "The boys on USCHO were right. You have to be retarded to root for this team. Look, even my son is a mental defective. Yaaaawwwwn...Christ this shit is boring!"

Woman on Left: "I wonder if this ugly M jersey makes my boobs look small?"
Man on Right: "Yawn ... I so wish my wife would get a boob job."

Hey Donald, I think you definitely earned a trip to the Manitowoc submarine for that one. ;-)

(Photo by Neil Ament, 1/25/08)