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3 goals in 3 games, & other alumni updates

Just a few quick alumni updates:
  • After scoring his first goal of the season in the Hawks' 3-1 win over the Kings on Oct 27, JAKE DOWELL followed things up with a goal in each of his next two games, a 7-4 loss to the Oilers on Oct 29 and a 3-1 win over the Wild on Oct 30.
  • ANDY BOHMBACH scored his first professional goal (and added an assist) on Friday in the Toledo Walleyes' 3-2 win over Cincinnati. In 5 games, Bohmber is 1-3-4. Hope to see him up in Rockford soon.
  • Looks like MATT FORD is doing well so far this season with the AHL's Lake Erie Monsters. After 11 games, he's tied as their top goal-scorer with 4 goals, and he's 3rd on the team in points with 7 points. Ford has done well in the ECHL in the past, and it's nice to see him do well in the AHL. I hope his early success continues through the season.
  • Don't forget you can always find stats for Badgers in the NHL, AHL, ECHL, and Europe on Chuck's spreadsheet. The best part -- it includes links the the players' stats pages on the team websites.
  • JINELLE ZAUGG-SIERGIEJ was hired last month by Arrowhead High School as the girls head coach. Congratulations to Jinelle, and congratulations to Arrowhead! By the way, Jinelle also does motivational speaking and runs a summer hockey camp.
  • Congrats to JOE and SARAH PAVELSKI on the birth of their first child, Nathan Joseph. "Nathan, a play-making nine-pound, three-ounce pivot with tremendous offensive upside, will be available for the National Hockey League Entry Draft in 2028."

Badgers sweep Huskies 5-2, 4-1

Before getting on to the recaps, let me say this: I love Sean Dolan, and you should too. If you didn't see his SH goal last night, let me tell you that it was a thing of beauty. Dolan has really stepped up his play this year, showing skill and consistency, and his goal put an exclamation point on a nice performance by the PK units this weekend.

(As a side note, I forgot to mention Sean Dolan's goal last week. IIRC, he had a nice defensive play in the Badgers' zone, lifting a Denver player's stick, and the subsequent play culminated with Dolan's goal. I think Sean Dolan's progress over the years is a great story, and it's stuff like this that makes me love Badger Hockey.)

Friday: BADGERS 5 - Huskies 2

We outshot them in the first period, but we made two really poor plays on them attacking our blue line and as a result we gave up two goals. But we were doing some decent things, we just made two big mistakes. And I think it was just our ability to hang in there with it, and stay on course and keep working hard and try to work smart. Its interesting to watch this young group because we'll play pretty smart for a while and we'll get away from things that make us play well and we do some real dumb things, and that's just part of our youth that we have on our team. But as the game kept going they stayed with it and their persistence paid off for the tonight. -- Mike Eaves
Box: uwbadgers, collegehockeystats
- uwbadgers: Badgers rally to defeat Michigan Tech 5-2
- michigantechhuskies: Wisconsin Rallies for 5-2 hockey win over Michigan Tech
- Baggot (WSJ): Rookies are key in Badgers' comeback
- Daily Mining Gazette: Badger Rally hands Tech first loss
- Bleach (USCHO): Wisconsin scores 5 straight goals, downs Michigan Tech
Photos: Schreiner (WSJ) - includes beautiful pics of one of Mersch's goals and PJ's goal
Game blogs: Capobianco (uwbadgers)
Postgame: press conference, quotes

The Badgers scored a lot of goals this weekend, and I can never remember them all. But I do remember that I liked PJ's goal -- his shots from further out don't seem to be as effective (he seems to like to shoot right into the goalie -- but he's a scrappy player and I like him closer to the net. I was also pretty impressed by Mike Mersch, and Craig Smith did a nice job skating by a couple of Huskies to get the empty-netter.

Saturday: BADGERS 4 - Huskies 1

Box: uwbadgers, collegehockeystats
- uwbadgers: Badgers sweep weekend series with Michigan Tech
- michigantechhuskies: Badgers post 4-1 win over Huskies
- Baggot (WSJ): Badgers sweep Michigan Tech
- Daily Mining Gazette:
- Worfull (USCHO): Wisconsin sweeps Michigan Tech
Photos: Steenberg (uwbadgers)
Game blogs: Capobianco (WSJ)
Highlights: uwbadgers
Postgame: press conference, quotes

I'm happy with this weekend; can't complain about a pair of wins. It's nice to see the Badgers be able to come from behind (Tech was up 2-0 on Fri and 1-0 on Sat) to get the wins, and it's nice to see the Badgers win against a big, physical team, as sometimes those teams are problematic for them (eg Mankato, I hate playing them). Going forward, it would be nice to see the Badgers score first and hold on to the lead, which is something they haven't done yet against a quality opponent.

As far as goaltending from this weekend - I like Scott Gudmandson, but his rebound control left quite a bit to be desired on Friday. I thought Bennett looked good on Saturday and played with confidence. I'm happy to see the goaltender rotation again, as I thought it might be a bit soon to pick just 1 guy.

Oh, and regarding the Badgers' D, it's good to know that the Badgers' top guys can play a ton of minutes, but it gives one pause to see the Badgers go mostly with just 4 D (Simonelli and Faust got limited minutes) this early in the season. I'd like to see Simonelli and Faust get more experience, and if there's a lack of confidence in their abilities to play against Michigan Tech, what does that mean for upcoming games against top teams like UMD, UND, etc? I also have a hard time believing we're not going to need these guys down the road, as injuries usually pop up at some point.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Oooh, sparkly . . . (& other alumni updates)

- This is Jake Dowell's Stanley Cup ring. He was invited to the Sept 30 ceremony with the team and received the ring at that time. Nice and sparkly, 8 carats of diamonds I'm told. Thanks to Vicki for sharing the photo.

- Speaking of Jake, it's nice to see him record his 1st goal of the season on Wednesday. In 11 games he's 1-2-3 and has been averaging over 10 minutes per game.

- Tom Gilbert scored his 2nd goal of the year on Tuesday, and Paul Capobianco asks us if we recognize the spot from which TG scored.

- Blake Geoffrion was featured in the Badger Herald this Monday. Blake has yet to score a goal for the Admirals this season but has 4 assists in 7 games. EDIT: Thanks to Capo for pointing out this longer article on the Admirals website.

- Aaron Bendickson, who was leading the ECHL's Gwinnet Gladiators with 9 pts (2G 7A) in the 1st 4 games of the season, has signed a 25-game professional tryout agreement with the AHL's Rochester Americans. He'll potentially make his AHL debut tonight @ the Worcester Sharks.

- And since we mentioned Gwinnett, I should mention that Andy Brandt has 2 goals in 5 GP and Mike Davies has 1G and 3A in 3 GP.

- Josh Engel was recently recalled from the ECHL's Reading Royals to the AHL's Toronto Marlies. Engel played just 2 games for the Royals before being recalled.

- People keep asking me where Joe Piskula is. And so I'll tell you - he's with the AHL's Abbottsford Heat and has played in all 10 games so far this season.

The Dangerous Jorday Murray & other random Friday morning thoughts

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me say that due to my work schedule last weekend, I only saw the 3rd period on Friday and the 2nd/3rd periods on Saturday. However, I do have some random thoughts that I had meant to share earlier in the week but didn't have the the time.
  • Was it just me, or did the Denver radio guys preface Jordy Murray's name with "The Dangerous" every time they referred to him on Saturday? Being as big of a Jordy Murray fan as the next guy (maybe even more so), I'll agree that Murray is an offensive threat and think "The Dangerous Jordy Murray" has a nice ring to it. Having said that, I gotta say that it sounded a bit ridiculous for them to refer to him that way every time. (I'll be honest, though, I think that's what I'm going to start doing. I've been waiting to find a nice name for Murray, a la St. Stepan and 1st-Star Zengerle, and this is as good as any, I think.)
  • The Denver radio guys also made the statement Saturday when the Badgers were up by 2 goals that the Badgers are always tough to play against when they have the lead. You know I love the Badgers, but it seems to me that in recent years they've been better than anyone at blowing a 2 goal lead (or 3 goal lead, for that matter). Should've won Saturday's game outright and avoided OT.
  • Which brings me to the OT futility clock, which Gandalf tells me has malfunctioned due to overuse. For the love of Bert DeHate, the Badgers have gotta figure out how to win an OT game (not to mention how to hold on to 2- and 3-goal leads). Btw, when WAS the last OT victory?
  • Getting back to the Denver radio guys, they also made an odd comment about Craig Johnson and Patrick Johnson. CJ made a play, and they referred to him simply by his last name. Then they said something like this: "And as always with Wisconsin, it's a question of which Johnson, Patrick or Craig." Now, I don't expect the Denver guys to be experts on our roster, but the comment seemed particularly odd, as I can't think of anyone who has ever confused them in the past. PJ's a forward, CJ's a defenseman, the number 3 is hard to confuse with the number 10, and I don't think this is "always a question", lol. (Yeah, yeah, I'm easily amused.)

Moving on from last week, here are some other random items:
  • Having mentioned the Badgers' ability to blow a lead, I should mention that this year the Huskies are 3-0-0 when entering the 3rd period with a lead. Nope, no OT when enetering the 3rd ahead.
  • I learned something new about Chris Tancill. I'm somewhat horrified that I didn't already know this, but at the same time I'm quite please to learn that good ol' #22 is the most recent Badger to score points in the 1st 8 games of a season (4-7-11 in 89-90).
  • You know that early on here I've been a fan of freshman winger Tyler Barnes. He's clearly got some talent, but unsurprisingly (given that he's a freshman) he's been a bit inconsistent in WCHA play. Mike Eaves says that moving him to the 2nd line is a chance for him to step up, and I hope we see him take advantage of the opportunity this weekend.
Regarding Tex Western . . . (as it appears that I pretty much want to see the things that he wants to see; he's just much more articulate than I am) . . .
  • The Tech Power Play must be rendered ineffective: Like Tex, I'd like to see the PK be a bit more solid, not to mention the Badgers spending a bit less time in the box. Perhaps my nervousness is simply a function of who I am, but I really do think that at some point in the past I was less nervous when the Badgers were on the PK.
  • The Badger offense must bounce back: Tex wants to see some more Badger goals, and so do I. However, he mentions that Genoe and Robinson have been letting in a fair number of goals, with a combined GAA of 3.8. But to be fair to Genoe, most of those goals, I think, were let in by Robinson. Genoe has a .944 SV% and 2.10 GAA. Given that Genoe is getting the start tonight, I thought I should mention this.
  • Avoid Overtime: I don't want to talk about this anymore.
  • I want to hear that the Husky Husky is up to his old tricks: I hope the student section is ready!

It's Friday, I'm in Love

I don't care if Mondays black
Tuesday, Wednesday - heart attack
Thursday, never looking back
It's Friday, I'm in love

BADGER MEN v Michigan Tech: FRI / SAT 7PM
I think Friday was kind of an eye-opener for a lot of guys, for a lot of the freshmen, just seeing how hard the WCHA is going to be. I think the guys saw how quickly points can slip away on Saturday. - Scott Gudmanson

Coming out of Denver with a point is okay, but we’re not real satisfied with that, we felt we let a couple games slip there. - Podge Turnbull

We know that we need four points this weekend, that’s our goal for this weekend. - Sean Dolan [Holt]

We’d like to know a little more about both these teams, so what better way to find out than by having them playing each other in Madison this weekend? The Badgers have dominated lesser opponents Holy Cross and Alabama-Huntsville, but are 0-2-1 against ranked foes Boston College and Denver. A better showing against a quality team would give Wisconsin a boost. The question surrounding Michigan Tech is, are the Huskies a quality team? Off to a 3-0-2 start, Tech is, at worst, vastly improved, and has been scoring goals (24 of ‘em) in bunches. That said, the combined record of the teams they’ve played to date is an underwhelming 3-9-5. The trip to Mad Town will provide a measuring stick. - Mike Eidelbes [INCH]
UW: 0-1-1 WCHA, 3-2-1 overall (last weekend 2-4 and 2-2 @ DU)
MTU: 1-0-1 WCHA, 3-0-2 overall (last weekend 5-2 and 5-5 v Mankato)

Gameday Links
- Friday (none)
- Saturday: live - WISC, Charter Xtra, Time Warner Sports; tape delay (11PM) - Wisconsin Channel
Radio: Friday/Saturday WIBA 1310
Audio webstream: insideBADGERSPORTS ($9.95/mo), (free)
Video webstream
- Friday: insideBADGERSPORTS ($9.95/mo)
- Saturday: for those outside Wisconsin - insideBADGERSPORTS ($9.95/mo)
Live stats: uwbadgers - Fri, Sat
Live blog: - Capobianco (uwbadgers), Worgull (BN)?

Weekly Shooutout Winner
This week, RYAN LITTLE won the shootout.

Previous Winners:
10/21 Jefferson Dahl
10/14 Keegan Meuer

Badger Lines
Jordy Murray - Craig Smith - Mark Zengerle
Tyler Barnes - Derek Lee - Podge Turnbull
Patrick Johnson - Sean Dolan - Ryan Little
Michael Mersch - Jefferson Dahl - Gavin Hartzog

Jake Gardiner - John Ramage
Justin Schultz - Frankie Simonelli
Craig Johnson - Joe Faust

Scott Gudumandson
Brett Bennett

Just one change on the forward lines, flip-flopping Mike Mersch and Tyler Barnes, with Barnes getting a chance on the second line. On D, Joe Faust is in and Eric Springer is out, and the pairings have been switched up a bit. Gardiner remains with Ramage, but Schultz and Johnson have been separated so that each is paired with a freshman. Goody gets the start in net on Friday, and your guess is as good as mine as to who we'll see on Sat.

Husky lines
Bennett Royer - Brett Olson - Milos Gordic
Ryan Furne - Eric Kattelus - Jacob Johnstone
Aaron Pietila - Daniel Holmberg - Alex MacLeod
Mikael Lickteig - Patrick McCadden - Dennis Rix

Deron Cousens - Carl Nielsen
Daniel Sova - Steve Seigo
Tommy Brown - Ricky Doriott

Kevin Genoe
Josh Robinson

Jordan Baker and Anthony Schooley are out with injuries.

Keep an eye #16 Brett Olson. A junior from Superior, WI, he's centering the top line and he's fun to watch until he scores against your team. It sounds like sophomore D Steve Seigo, senior F Eric Kattelus, senior F Bennett Royer, and freshman F Milos Gordic are also playing well so far.

The Huskies have 9 freshman on the roster and, like the Badgers, have 7 freshmen in tonight's lineup. Baggot tells us that they're big, and that's not really a surprise; Tech has always liked the big players.

The Huskies have a tendency to start the season strong, having a better first-half of the season than the second-half. But this year they're starting stronger than usual, as they're undefeated in their first 5 games, giving them their best start since 1978. Despite not having faced any top teams yet, that's a pretty darn good start.

Series Previews
uwbadgers: preview, game notes
michigantechhuskies: preview, game notes
Baggot (WSJ): Lineup for Tech has some new wrinkles
Evans (Daily Cardinal): Wisconsin to open WCHA home slate
Holt (Badger Herald): Badgers hope to hand Huskies 1st loss
Warvie (Daily Mining Gazette): Scoring balance key to start
Erickson (Michigan Tech Lode): Hockey huskies ready for challenge in Madison against Badgers

Other Articles/Links
uwbadgers: Mike Eaves' weekly presser
Lucas (uwbadgers): Zengerle makes instant impact
Baggot (WSJ): Off to a hot start, Zengerle is compared to Davies
Baggot (WSJ): Five good minutes with Frankie Simonelli
Henson (Badger Herald): Johnson finally finding role as a senior

The Usual Suspects
CHN: Tale of the Tape
USCHO: This week in the WCHA (Spisak), Weekend of Oct 22-24 (Spisak)
INCH: WCHA notebook, Friday Four-cast, First Shift

HatchetJoe says . . .
Michael Mersch for Hobey . . .
(Once again, I unsuccessfully tried to get HatchetJoe to mix it up a bit and give me a different quote. Next time, I'm going to offer him a case of Schlitz and see if that helps.)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I Want to See Against Tech

It's week four of the college hockey season, and Halloween weekend at that. This will be my first Halloween outside of Madison since 2004, and I'm a little bummed that I won't get to see the student section's creative costumes at the Kohl Center. Here's what I want to see (in the box scores and recaps) about the series against the Michigan Tech Huskies.

1. The Tech Power Play must be rendered ineffective
The Huskies suddenly are capable of scoring this season. Through five games, they have totaled 24 goals, with at least four in each game. The power play is good for much of the success, converting at a 37% rate. However, I believe that this is an anomaly, and that they can't keep up this pace-especially against a team with the Badgers' experience, talent, and sound system on defense. But the biggest key to keeping the power play ineffective: stay out of the box.

2. The Badger offense must bounce back
While the Tech offense has been good, Kevin Genoe and Josh Robinson have been allowing a large number of goals in net (3.8 per game). Mark Zengerle is having an immediate impact, with at least a point in all six games of his rookie season, and hopfully he'll keep it up. With apologies to HatchetJoe and Michael Mersch, Marky-Mark has been the big impact freshman so far, and I want to see him keep it up.

3. Avoid Overtime
First of all, both major Wisconsin football teams have been cardiac kids this year. I'm going to need blood pressure medication from football alone. Add to that the fact that in the last few years, Wisconsin hasn't fared too well in overtime games. The 0-3-4 OT record in the 08-09 season still haunts my dreams, and I get nervous every time we get bonus hockey. The Huskies, on the other hand, have already played in three overtime games this year alone, going 1-0-2. I hope the Badgers win both games this weekend, and win them early on to avoid giving me any more heart issues.

4. I want to hear that the Husky Husky is up to his old tricks
Let's face it, he's had some memorable (and ridiculous) visits to the Kohl Center. I'm hoping this is another one.

I specifically made my wishes vague enough this week that I won't have a problem like last week, when Denver goalie Adam Murray got banged up in practice and didn't play. Here's hoping these all come through this weekend.

'Design Scott's Mask' contest winners announced


Feature from

MADISON, Wis. -- From over 500 entries, Wisconsin senior goaltender Scott Gudmandson has chosen the winners of the "Design Scott's Mask" contest.

Watch the video with Gudmandson and Wisconsin play-by-play announcer Brian Posick to find out the age-group and grand prize winners.

In the video, Gudmandson reveals the age-group winners for five and under, ages 6-7, ages 8-9 and ages 10-12 categories. He then goes on to reveal with grand-prize winning mask design. The mask has already been created and you can see the winning mask in the video. Gudmandson will wear the winning mask for the College Hockey Showcase games he plays on Nov. 26-27 against Michigan and Michigan State at the Kohl Center.

The grand prize winner has won a replica mask with their design, which they will receive at the Showcase. The actual mask worn by Scott during the games will be auctioned off following the Showcase at

In addition, all five winners will get the opportunity to meet Scott during the College Hockey Showcase.

Dirty Jake Dowell Goal From Last Night

Nothing like getting a little help off the stick of former teammate Davis Drewiske...

Shout out to G-Unit for the tip.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Michigan Tech Week

Six games into the the 2010-2011 Wisconsin hockey season and there are still plenty of question marks scattered across their kohl center dressing room.

After a dominating sweep of a mediocre Alabama-Huntsville squad, the Badgers managed only one point on the road against a very young Denver squad who is already being hit hard with injuries.

After graduating multiple seniors and losing some key underclassmen to the pros, one of the big question marks for this Badger squad was where the scoring was going to come from. Craig Smith and Jordy Murray, the two obvious answers have done their part, averaging over a point per game so far on the young season. Senior Captain Sean Dolan has chipped in as well, putting up 5 points in 6 games. Although if this team wants to play for something at the end of the year, we're going to need more consistency up front from Podge Turnbull, Derek Lee, Patrick Johnson and others putting the puck in the net. The secondary scoring isn't where it needs to be.

One player that has no doubt caught your attention is freshman Mark Zengerle. Seemingly hyped up by the writers of this site since his commitment, even we didn't think he would burst on to the scene the way he has. As a 21 year old freshman, there is no doubt that he has been helped out by his age and junior experience. Wisconsin communications guy Paul Capobianco noted during the game live blog on that the last Badger to record points in his first five games at Wisconsin was Joe Pavelski. Zengerle surpassed Pav's this weekend when his first period goal on Saturday gave him points in his first six. Robbie Earl recorded a point in his first 7 games and the record is Chris Tancill recording points in his first 8 games in 1989-90. (Thanks to Capobianco for the stats)

Defensively the Badgers are experienced but they plain and simple need to be better. We've gotten some solid play at times from a hand full of our defenders but the consistency isn't where it needs to be to compete night in night out in the WCHA.

Goaltending wise, I'm going to be honest I'm confused. I understand that Gudmandson won the job at the end of last season down the stretch but that was last season. I see no reason why we felt we needed to go back to him on Saturday night. Brett Bennett has held his own through limited action this season and deserved his shot at an elite opponent. Don't get me wrong, I think Scotty is playing good, but it's too early to be picking goaltending match ups. Keep the rotation.

Looking at Michigan Tech, they are off to one of the best starts in recent memory. The team comes into this weekends match up at the Kohl Center undefeated. Think about that one for a second. Tech is 3-0-2 and they had a bye week last weekend. If anyone thinks that this is a push over 4 points for the Badgers they are in for a rude awakening. Tech may not be fighting for the WCHA title this season but they are going to turn some heads.

Offensively the Huskies are led by a bunch of guys you've probably never heard of. Eric Kattelus and Bennett Royer are leading the charge up front so far with 7 and 6 points respectively. Steven Seigo, one of the only Tech players that is known on a national level is their leading scorer, and he's a defenseman. Only a sophomore, Seigo has 8 points in his first 5 games of the season including 3 goals.

Wisconsin native Brett Olson is off to a strong start for the Huskies as well. The Superior native has 5 points in 5 games. Last season Olson led the young Huskies in scoring with 30 points. As you can expect, as a player passed over by Wisconsin during his recruitment, Olson is going to take his game to the next level playing at the Kohl Center.

The Huskies have been rotating goaltenders this season but Sophomore Kevin Genoe has the better statistics. He comes in 2-0-1 with a 2.10 GAA and .944 save percentage. Last season as a freshman Genoe got the majority of the starts and despite having an atrocious win/loss ratio, finished with a respectable .904 save percentage.


There is no television Friday night but Saturday it will be on WISC-TV, Charter Xtra, Time Warner Sports and tape delayed at Wisconsin Channel at 11 PM. There will be a video stream ($) both nights on


Wisconsin dropped in both polls this week. They fell from #15 to #18 in the poll, and from #14 to "others receiving votes" in the USA Today/USA Hockey Poll. Note that the USA Today poll only ranks 15 teams where as USCHO does 20.

Michigan Tech received votes in both polls but did not crack the top 20.


I was honestly surprised to see Wisconsin trot Patrick Johnson out there last weekend after his injury but by all accounts it sounded like he played pretty well. He had an assist on Saturday and it sounded like he was a shot blocking machine. Hopefully we see that out of Patty all season long and hopefully his head is ok. I'm not aware of any other injuries right now.


Wisconsin is the superior club there is no doubt about that but like I mentioned Tech is no pushover and they have had 2 weeks to prepare. It's at the Kohl Center which is always an advantage for Bucky.

Friday Night: Tie-Michigan Tech 3, Wisconsin 3
Saturday Night: Win-Wisconsin 5, Michigan Tech 2
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recruiting: Zach Stepan Keeping Options Open

I'm trying a new feature on the blog this year where we interview a potential recruit every few weeks. We led off with an interview of Verona, Wisconsin native Joey Fiala.

Next up in the series is Zach Stepan, cousin of former Badger and current New York Ranger, Derek. Zach is a 1994 born forward who plays for the Shattuck Prep team. He's considered one of the most elite 1994 born players uncommitted in the country.

Chuck Schwartz: You were given the opportunity this summer to go overseas with Team USA and you guys won a gold medal. Can you talk a little about what it was like to represent your country and play with some of the other elite players from around the United States?

Zach Stepan: The opportunity I was given over the summer is one that I will never forget! It was by far the best experience I have ever gotten not only on the hockey side of it, but on the touring side of it because we got to go to a couple different cities and walk around. It was a lot of fun. Also playing with the players I did get to play with made it all worth while because I knew after our first couple of practices that we were going to be a very talented team in all aspects of the game of hockey.

Chuck Schwartz: Your cousin, Derek made the move from Hastings high school to Shattuck St. Marys and you too have chosen to play your prep hockey at Shattuck. How has your experience been so far and do you anticipate playing your senior season there or moving on to the USHL where I believe Waterloo holds your rights?

Zach Stepan: Shattuck St. Mary's is an unbelievable school and I personally love the experience I get at this school. The hockey as well has been an amazing experience to play with some players that I have. I really do not know what I will do next year, all I can say is that I love this school and I love being here.

Chuck Schwartz: Its widely known that you missed a large chunk of last season due to the h1n1, and then mononucleosis and pneumonia. How nice is it to be back and (I’m assuming) healthy and primed for a big season with the Shattuck Prep team?

Zach Stepan: To be honest it is the most amazing feeling to be healthy again after going through that. That was the worst possible thing that could happen to a hockey player during the season other than hockey ending circumstances. It all happened so fast and it was so horrid to have h1n1 and than right after having mono and pneumonia at the same time. I felt like I would never get my legs back after those illnesses. Now to be back and playing good hockey is a great feeling that hopefully does not go away.

Chuck Schwartz: By the nature of your last name and the success of your cousin (who is doing awesome in the NHL by the way), I would surprised if there wasn’t an added pressure for you to live up to expectations. How are you handling the pressure of the Stepan name?

Zach Stepan: There actually is no pressure with the last name that I have. A lot of people think there is and I can see where they are coming from. I look at it as cool because I get to tell people how much fun it was when we were younger that I played street hockey with him in my driveway and taught him a few things that probably helped him haha. But I looked at it as we are two different people fighting for the same dream and no matter how hard it is to play in the NHL, all I am worried about is making it, not to one up the accomplishments he has acquired.

Chuck Schwartz: By my count, over forty 1994 born hockey players have committed to colleges so far, do you feel pressure to get your commitment out of the way and when do you see yourself making a decision?

Zach Stepan: I do not feel pressure at all to get my commitment out of the way, I want to pick the right school and I know it will hit me when I see the right school, that that is the school I will want to go to.

Chuck Schwartz: In an interview over the summer you mentioned you had interest in Denver, Boston College, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Have you narrowed your list at all and who is on it at this point?

Zach Stepan: That was just a couple I would be interested in. I am pretty much open for anything at this point because there are so many great schools out there that I do not want to keep my mind stuck on just a couple unless I really know deep down those are truly possible places I would like to attend.
We can't thank Zach enough for taking the time of of his busy schedule to do an interview with us. Very well thought out answers. Best of luck with the Shattuck Prep team this season.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game Day Final: Denver 2, Wisconsin 2

Wisconsin got up to a two goal lead thanks to freshman Mark Zengerle and senior captain Sean Dolan, but two third period goals by Kyle Ostrow tied the game and that's how it would finish. Wisconsin's overtime struggles continue as they are now 0-6-16 in overtime games since the final five in 2008 when they beat St. Cloud in the third place game.

WSJ (Baggot)-Badgers tie Denver, 2-2 earns first WCHA point with tie at Denver Stats rallies to tie UW, 2-2
Let's Go DU-DU 2 WI 2 Final OT
Denver Post Blog (Chambers)-DU plays its best game in 2-2 tie with Badgers
Denver Post (Chambers)-Motivated MOM line fuels DU's big tie (Spisak)-Denver rallies to tie Wisconsin


First Period
4:17-Wisconsin-Mark Zengerle (unassisted)

Second Period
8:17-Wisconsin-Sean Dolan (Patrick Johnson, Ryan Little)

Third Period
8:18-Denver-Kyle Ostrow (Jesse Martin)
15:16-Denver-Kyle Ostrow (Anthony Maiani, David Makowski)

Wisconsin-Scott Gudmandson 38 shots, 36 saves
Denver-Sam Brittain 27 shots, 25 saves

Around the WCHA


St. Cloud 5, Minnesota 2
Minneosta State 5, Colorado College 4
Minnesota Duluth 3, Alaska-Anchorage 2
Denver 4, Wisconsin 2

Maine 7, North Dakota 3
Nebraska-Omaha 4, Michigan 2


Colorado College 1, Minnesota State 0
Minnesota-Duluth 6, Alaska-Anchorage 0
Denver 2, Wisconsin 2

Maine 4, North Dakota 2
Michigan 6, Nebraska-Omaha 1


St. Cloud 1 vs Minnesota 2

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Night Lineup vs Denver

Courtesy of Andy Baggot from the Wisconsin State Journal. Interesting that Wisconsin is trotting out the exact same lineup that they did last night including starting goaltender Scott Gudmandson on back to back nights.

No television for the game tonight but it is available via webcast ($) on


Jordy Murray-Craig Smith-Mark Zengerle
Michael Mersch-Derek Lee-Turnbull
Patrick Johnson-Sean Dolan-Ryan Little
Tyler Barnes-Jefferson Dahl-Gavin Hartzog

Jake Gardiner-John Ramage
Craig Johnson-Justin Schultz
Eric Springer-Frankie Simonelli

Scott Gudmandson


Kyle Ostrow-Jesse Martin-Anthony Maiani
Jason Zucker-Drew Shore-Beau Bennett
Luke Salazar-Dan Olszewski-Shawn Ostrow
Chris Knowlton-Nate Dewhurst

Matt Donovan-Chris Nutini
Paul Phillips-John Lee
John Ryder-David Makowski-
William Wrenn

Sam Brittain
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Just Burish Being Burish

Props to writer Adam Mertz for finding this gem. Aparently some fan e-mailed the Dallas Stars to complain about Adam Burish ruining a scoring opportunity for him on EA Sports NHL 11. Lol, just Bur being Bur.

From: alex [last name withheld]
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2010 3:12 PM
Subject: #16 Adam BURISH

I was recently playing a game of EA Sports NHL 11. I was down by one goal against my friend, I was on a 2 on 0 and was impeded by #16 Adam Burish, and was unable to acheive a scoring opportunity, I ask that Adam Burish publicly apologizes to me for he had cost me that game of NHL 11. Thank you for you cooperation during this crisis.



And here is former Badger captain Adam Burish's response:

Game Day Final: Denver 4, Wisconsin 2

Denver Post (Chambers)-Two freshmen lead DU past Wisconsin 4-2
WSJ (Baggot)-Badgers wear down against Denver in 4-2 loss defeats the Badgers 4-2
Let's Go DU-DU 4 Wisconsin 2 Final
Associated Press-Denver skates to 4-2 win over Wisconsin in WCHA Scores Twice in DU Win over Wisconsin's coach George Gwozdecky's post game presser lose in WCHA Opener


First Period
6:35-Denver-Jason Zucker (Drew Shore)
17:46-Wisconsin-Jordy Murray (John Ramage, Mark Zengerle) Power Play

Second Period
17:43-Denver-Luke Salazar (David Makowski, Kyle Ostrow) Power Play

Third Period
0:28-Wisconsin-Craig Smith (Justin Schultz, Mark Zengerle)
6:43-Denver-Jason Zucker (John Lee, Sam Brittain)
9:44-Denver-Drew Shore (John Ryder)
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Night Lineup

According to Wisconsin beat writer Andy Baggot, Badgers senior forward Patrick Johnson who suffered a concussion on Sunday has gotten medical clearance and will be in the lineup Friday. Also, Tyler Barnes and Michael Mersch have flip flopped lines.

Denver, due to injuries has gone with 7 defensemen and 11 forwards. They are also starting Sam Brittain in goal due to an injury to usual Friday night starter Adam Murray.


Jordy Murray-Craig Smith-Mark Zengerle
Michael Mersch-Derek Lee-Podge Turnbull
Patrick Johnson-Sean Dolan-Ryan Little
Tyler Barnes-Jefferson Dahl-Gavin Hartzog

Jake Gardiner-John Ramage
Craig Johnson-Justin Schultz
Eric Springer-Frankie Simonelli

Scott Gudmandson


Kyle Ostrow-Jesse Martin-Shawn Ostrow
Jason Zucker-Drew Shore-Chris Knowlton
Luke Salazar-Anthony Maiani-Beau Bennett
Dan Olsewski-Nate Dewhurst

Matt Donovan-Chris Nutini
Paul Phillips-John Lee
John Ryder-David Makowski
William Wrenn

Sam Brittain
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Random Friday morning thoughts . . .

  • Last Friday, I mentioned here on the blog that I'd like Justin Schultz to step up, and he sure did so last weekend, especially on Saturday. Then on Sunday morning, I thought to myself that I'd really like Jordy Murray to score some goals for me. And his response was to score a hat trick for me. WOW! Thanks, Justin and Jordy!
  • Tex listed some things he'd like to see this weekend. Unfortunately, he won't get to see Bucky making Adam Murray look bad, but I'm hoping he'll settle for Bucky making Sam Brittain look bad. (Would that be a suitable alternative, Tex?) He also wants to see Justin Schultz continue his hot start (I highly concur), a decrease in Badger penalties (no kidding, we lead the league with 103 PIM, and I think we're 2nd nationally behind Michigan), and goals spread out among a bunch of players. I think Tex will get his last 3 wishes.
  • I'd like to see Scott Gudmandson have a bit better rebound control, make all the saves he should, and make some saves that he shouldn't. On Saturday, I'd like to see Brett Bennett continue to inspire confidence, make all the saves he should, and make some saves that he shouldn't
  • My apologies to Jordy for not throwing my hat this weekend. I throw like a girl, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have cleared the glass. I like Jordy's response to the lack of hats:'"It's football Sunday so you want to get home and watch some games," Murray said with a smile, implying that any delay to recover the caps would be costly.' [ Baggot]
  • I didn't realize that Jordy Murray was injured last year. I don't know if his play this year is a combination of his injury being healed, his simply taking a step up from last year, or a bit of both. Whatever it it, I like it.
  • Does anyone remember the 2007-08 season when the Badgers crushed Robert Morris 7-2, 8-2 , went up to Tech and lost 4-2 on Friday, and then continued on with a less-than-stellar first half? Although Gandalf might not believe me, I actually remember this. I remember being pleased with the split at the Lefty, super-happy about the sweep of Robert Morris, and then not-so-happy about the rest of the first half. And I remember a lot of talk about the sweep over Robert Morris causing over-confidence, at least among fans anyway. This comparison came to mind pretty quickly after last weekend's sweep of UAH. However, I think we're all aware that the Badgers didn't face much of a test v. UAH (nor v. HC before that), and so while we're happy about last weekend I don't think anyone is overvaluing the sweep. And I like the players' mindset about beginning WCHA play this weekend (see quotes in It's Friday I'm in Love), so I'm looking for a couple of good games this weekend.
  • Completely unrelated to Badger Hockey, but I think this is hilarious:

    “They’ve got to crack down on all this hitting from behind.”

    That’s what North Dakota assistant coach Cary Eades said after the Fighting Sioux bus was rear-ended last Thursday en route to a weekend series at Bemidji State. NoDak sports information director Jayson Hajdu passed Eades’ gem along to Brad Elliott Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald. Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision. [INCH]

It's Friday, I'm In Love

Saturday, wait

And Sunday always comes too late
But Friday, never hesitate . . .

BADGER MEN @ Denver: FRI 8:30 PM / SAT 8PM

The WCHA is such a league, it doesn’t matter if it’s Denver, Mankato, Alaska, you’re going to get a war right away -- Mike Eaves [Holt]

They are similar to us in that they want to come out and prove themselves. This will be a huge series. WCHA games are always exciting, and every conference win counts. We hope to come out firing right away on Friday, get that first win, and keep it going into Saturday. -- Jordy Murray [Evans]

We have to come out hard. They just got swept by Boston College, so they are going to be hungry for a couple wins especially on their home ice. -- Justin Schultz [Evans]

UW: 0-0-0 WCHA, 3-1-0 overall (last weekend 7-0 and 5-2 v. UAH)
DU: 0-0-0 WCHA, 1-2-1 overall (last weekend 2-6 and 0-3 v. BC)

Gameday Links
TV: Friday only - FSN Wisconsin, FSN Rocky Mountain
Radio: Friday - WIBA 1310; Sat - WTSO 1070
Audio webstream: insideBADGERSPORTS ($9.95/mo),
Video webstream: Saturday only - ($8.95/mo)
Live stats:
Live blog: - Capobianco (uwbadgers), Worgull (BN)?

Weekly Shooutout Winner
This week, JEFFERSON DAHL won the shootout.

Previous Winners:
10/14 Keegan Meuer

Badger Lines
Jordy Murray - Craig Smith - Mark Zengerle
Ryan Little - Derek Lee - Tyler Barnes
Michael Mersch - Sean Dolan - Podge Turnbull
Jason Clark - Jefferson Dahl - Gavin Hartzog

Jake Gardiner - John Ramage
Craig Johnson - Justin Schultz
Eric Springer - Frankie Simonelli

Scott Gudmandson
Brett Bennett

Looks like Eaves has made a couple of changes on the forward lines. Ryan Little and Podge Turnbull have swapped lines. Freshmen Jason Clark, Jefferson Dahl, and Gavin Hartzog all make tonight's lineup, as Michael Mersch has been bumped up to Sean Dolan's line to replace the injured Patrick Johnson.

The defensive lines remain the same. Assuming Joe Faust made the trip, I'd expect to see him tomorrow night.

In goal, Scott Gudmandson gets the start tonight, and I'd expect to see Brett Bennett tomorrow.

As far as extra skaters who made the trip, I know that PJ made the trip and is listed as "questionable" for the weekend. I'm assuming that defenseman Joe Faust also made the trip, but I haven't seen this listed anywhere.

Pio lines
Jason Zucker-Drew Shore-Chris Knowlton
Beau Bennett - Anthony Maiani - Shawn Ostrow
Kyle Ostrow - Jesse Martin - Luke Salazar
Jerrod Memis - Dan Olszewski - Nate Dewhurst

Matt Donovan - Chris Nutini
John Ryder - David Makowski
Paul Phillips - John Lee

Sam Brittain

Baggot had sophomore Adam Murray starting in goal, but Mike Chambers indicates that Murray is injured and that freshman Sam Brittain will get the start both nights.

Series Previews
uwbadgers: preview, game notes
uahchargers: preview, game notes
Baggot (WSJ): UW vs. Denver
Baggot (WSJ): Like looking in a mirror
Evans (Daily Cardinal): Young teams collide as UW begins WCHA competition
Holt (Badger Herald): Men's hockey heads west for WCHA test
Chambers (Denver Post): Murray injured, DU will go with true freshman goalie against Badgers
Coulter (DU Clarion): Hockey swept at home, WCHA play looms

Other Articles/Links
Baggot (WSJ): For Murray, plenty of goals await
Baggot (WSJ): WCHA team-by-team capsules
Baggot (WSJ): With two new teams, WCHA is a dirty dozen

The Usual Suspects
CHN: Tale of the Tape
USCHO: This Week in the WCHA (Buckentine), UND crashes Bemidji's party; nonconference struggles (Buckentine), Weekend of Oct 15-17 (Spisak)
INCH: Nebraska-Omaha makes early statement (WCHA notebook) Friday Four-cast, First Shift (national notebooks)

HatchetJoe says . . .
Michael Mersch for Hobey . . .
(Honestly, I tried to get a different quote, but the man is insistent on sharing his views on this matter. And if you've ever talked to HatchetJoe, you know how difficult it is to change the topic of conversation, ya just gotta go with the flow.)

Denver Hockey Bars

For anyone traveling to Denver this weekend, here are some suggestions of places to hang out before/after the games. Thanks to the guys at LetsGoDU for putting this together and my friend Luke for passing it on to me.

On Friday pregame hit Crimson & Gold on University Blvd..  Everyone in there will be heading to the game.  Food is above average.  Pricing is fair.

Friday post game, Jordan's Pub.  Irish Bar excellent food.  Pricing moderate. (Evans & University)

Saturday PregameSpanky's Roadhouse - DU Pep Band will be there 4-6 PM.  Dollar Beers, tons of students.  Very good burgers & Brats. (East Evans). Over 400 people expected.

Saturday Post Game - Crimson & Gold, Jordans or Border (dive bar) will all be packed.

All places within walking distance of Magness. Park in DU lots and expect to pay $10.  Can't beat convenience. You'll have fun.  Everyone is very friendly even to opposing fans.
Another note: I won't get my first wish this weekend. The Denver Post and LetsGoDU are reporting that Adam Murray got banged up in practice this week and won't play in this weekend's series.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I Want To See Against Denver

This weekend, the Badgers travel to Denver to square off with the #11 Pioneers. It's time for week two of my installment of this silly series, so here's I want the Badgers to do this weekend:

1. Bucky making Adam Murray looking bad
Pioneers' goalie Adam Murray hasn't looked good in limited action early this year or last. Granted, Boston College will make just about anyone look rough in net. Anyway, Wisconsin's young offense looked great against UAH, and I want to see them continue their momentum.

2. Justin Schultz continuing his hot start
Echoing Gandalf's comments from earlier this week, Schultz looked as impressive on the power play as any defenseman I have seen in red and white last weekend. He has such a firm grasp of the system that Eaves wants to run and he executes it beautifully, to the tune of two goals and five assists in four games. If he can keep up his production on the offensive end this weekend, Wisconsin should come home with a few points.

3. Cutting down on the penalties
UAH got 13 power plays last week, converting twice. Even though the Pioneers lost a few big names from last year's team and despite their 1-21 power play efficiency so far this year, they'll find a way to get on the scoreboard if you give them that many opportunities.

4. Spreading out the scoring
Last week I got my wish, with goals coming from all lines and in lots of different situations. I hope that's the case again this week.

While I'd obviously like to see a sweep, I think a split is much more likely, and would be a reasonable result for this young team. My guess is Gudmandson gets a win Friday night and Bennett takes a loss on Saturday.

Thursday Link Central Makes Short Move, but Big Jump
Nice article on Blake Geoffrion as he transitions from college life at Wisconsin to the pro game while playing with the Milwaukee Admirals. But he's living with former rodent Ryan Flynn. Puke. For Fahey
Should have posted this when I first saw it but former Badger Brian Fahey finally got the NHL call over the weekend and played one game with the Capitols before being sent back down to Hershey of the AHL. looking in a mirror
Our good friend Andy Baggot has his Weekday update up with the current lines. Reading between the lines it seems like Patrick Johnson is going to be out this weekend but I haven't yet heard who made the trip. prepare for tough stretch without Suter
Former Badger Ryan Suter injured his leg and has been placed on injured reserve by the Nashville Predators. He's expected to be out at least 3 games.

Wisconsin Men's Hockey Facebook Page
It has been announced that the winners of the Scott Gudmandson mask design contest announced next Wednesday at via video. Gudmandson will wear the mask during the college hockey showcase vs Michigan and Michigan State. Week In Badger Hockey
Series preview, stats, game notes and everything else you wanted to know about the upcoming weekend's series between Wisconsin and Denver. Central Scouting Players To Watch
NHL Central Scouting has released it's annual "Players to watch" list this week and the only Wisconsin high school player on the list is Brad Navin who the Badgers along with a host of other schools have been recruiting.

If you have any more stories of interest for Badger fans that I've overlooked, post them in the comments.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I liked at the home opener

There was a lot to like, and it was great to be back at the Kohl Center again.  The offseason goes by so quick and life gets busy (this offseason especially) and then everything just sneaks up on you and its here.  So here are some thoughts from this weekend:

  • I've been looking forward to seeing 1st Star Zengerle in the Cardinal and White for a couple years after following him in the BCHL.  He didn't disappoint.  Sure it was UAH, but he is a big time playmaker that can pass the puck.  His vision on the offensive end was impressive, I look forward to seeing what he does against better competition, but a great start.  He chirps a lot at the officials though; they are incompetent WCHA zebras, get use to it.
  • Everyone loves Ryan Little, and why not?  He didn't score any goals this weekend, but does the little things (pub intended) to help the team succeed.  I liked him as a freshman because of his big hits and edginess.  We should not lose sight that his HUGE & clean hit on a gopher player two seasons ago led to Patrick White getting beat down by Ben Grotting during the ensuing scrum.  I think it will be nice to have a F/D on the ice in case a defenseman is injuried or ejected.  5 blue liners wears down the team faster than 11 forwards.  He has found a role on the team and making the most of it, thanks for sticking w/ it Ryan!
  • Patrick Johnson looked like the Ratty we all know and love on friday night.  The team needs his senior leadership and hard work this season.
  • Jordy Murray had a hat trick!  Enough said.
  • Blake Geoffrion was at the game on sunday, it sure would have been nice if UW had their s**t together and had a little pre-game or intermission ceremony honoring the first Hobey Baker award winner in school history.  W/ his brothers in uniform for UAH, it would have been fitting.  Regardless, any place Blake Geoffrion is at is improved by his presence.
  • The line combinations seem to be clicking really well early in the season which is a rarity under Eaves.  About the only change I saw on sunday was Michael Mersch was moved to LW w/ Derek Lee and Josh Turnbull, replacing Tyler Barnes.  A big body in front of the net.  I also sat next to this old man who was touting Mersch for Hobey in 2014, and told me his website is
  • Speaking of big bodies, Jason Clark and Gavin Hartzog are big kids (along w/ Mersch).  Can't teach size.
  • First goals as Badgers: Zengerle, Hartzog & Barnes.
  • Justin Schultz is Jamie McBain reborn.  He can run the PP and is lethal w/ his own shot.  Some compare him to Brendan Smith, but Smith never ran a PP and wasn't great at defense.  Schultz is not one dimensional and is in line for a big season.
  • Jake Gardiner literally covered half the ice in one stride.  One second he was in his own zone, the next he had caught his teammates between the dots on the other end of the ice.
  • Eric Springer looked solid out there, and I like the rotation of Frankie Simonelli and Joe Faust. Don't forget, Springer was a USHL all-star in 2007/08.
  • Craig Johnson's skating has really improved, he looked good out there.
  • Lastly, thanks to everyone who came to our tailgate on sunday.  It was cool to meet a variety of Badger Hockey fans who check out our blog from time to time or regularly.  Tex welcome again to the blog.  We hope to do it again in the "Spring" depending upon the weather and what not.
I'm sure I missed something or many things; looking forward to what the team does against Denver this weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why the badgers wore red at home

I got some questions about why the Badgers were wearing red sweaters last weekend.

I got an email from a UAH parent explaining that the team had some problems with their jersey supplier and they still haven't received their game jerseys yet. So they are limited to 1 set of white practice jerseys.
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UMD Equipment Manager Chris Garner Benefit

Hockey Fans, here is a chance to help one of college hockey's good guys, and bid on some great NCAA and pro hockey game worn jerseys and memorabilia. Chris Garner, hockey equipment manager at the University of Minnesota Duluth is currently battling MDS (Myelodysplatic Syndrome), formerly known as Pre-Leukemia. Chris was diagnosed with this disease earlier this year and recieved a potentially life saving bone marrow transplant at the end of July. If Chris did not receive a bone marrow transplant, the risk of his current bone marrow transitioning into AML (Acute Myelogenous Leukemia) would be extremely high. Fortunatly, a donor match for Chris was found in June of 2010 and Chris has begun the transplant process at Mayo Clinic. The bone marrow transplant is a very expensive procedure and Chris must bare some of the medical costs associated with the procedure along with the costs of relocating to Rochester, MN for the treatment until he is cleared to return to work and move back home to Duluth.

Jeremiah Minkel, ( St. Cloud State Hockey equipment manager, met Chris when they were both student assistants at SCSU and they have been close friends ever since. Jeremiah has put together an on-line auction that will be starting October 24th at to raise funds to help offset Chris's medical costs not covered by insurance. To date we have collected 82 college and pro jerseys, over 20 autographed sticks and many other items that were graciously donated.

Donated items and cash can be sent to:

St. Cloud State University
Attention: Jeremiah Minkel
720 4th Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498

Please make checks out to "C/O Chris Garner"

Cards and letters of support can be mailed to:

Chris Garner
1765 10th Ave. SE
Rochester, MN 55904

Thank you very much for your support,

Friends of Chris
When I got the e-mail this afternoon I knew that this was a cause that the Badger hockey family would fully embrace. I know we have a ton of jersey nuts that read this website every day, including some of the writers of this site. I don't know Chris personally, but he sounds like a damn good guy and someone that I would like to help out.

Like previously mentioned, the auction starts on Sunday and I'll put up another reminder Sunday morning.

For a list of items, e-mail me ( and i'll send it to you. It's impressive.

Badger Women In Familiar #1 Spot

With the return of Head Coach Mark Johnson, and forwards Hilary Knight and Meghan Duggan the Badger women's hockey program is back in a family place, undefeated and ranked #1 in the country. The perennial powerhouse program who played in four straight national championship games stumbled last season without the three previously mentioned.

The Badgers have looked outstanding this season so far blowing out RPI in a sweep and taking care of Bemidji State, a team who just beat last week's number 1 ranked team Mercyhurst. Pre-season WCHA Player of the Year Hilary Knight is averaging two points per game for the top ranked Badgers and blue chip recruit Brittany Ammerman has been better than advertised with 7 points in 4 games. Defensively the Badgers have only allowed an absurd 1 goal through 4 games. Goalies Becca Ruegsegger and freshman Alex Rigsby have been virtually perfect along the way.

Wisconsin hosts #10 ranked Ohio State this weekend and they are having multiple promotions. According to, Saturday's game against Ohio State is Breast Cancer Awareness Game. All fans that wear pink to the game will receive admission for $1 courtesy of UW Health. Fans arriving early will also receive a free Wisconsin Women's Hockey t-shirt courtesy of Becker Law Office, while supplies last. Finally, Saturday night also marks UW Student Day. UW students receive free admission with a valid UW student ID card and free pizza, while supplies last. D-1 Womens Poll October 18th

1. Wisconsin (5) 137
2. Cornell (8) 133
3. Mercyhurst (1) 107
4. Minnesota-Duluth (1) 105
5. Boston University 86
6. North Dakota 84
7. Boston College 61
8. Minnesota 48
9. Harvard 22
10. Ohio State 21

Also receiving votes: Providence, Quinnipiac
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Denver Week

After getting warmed up at the Ice Breaker and a nice little home sweep of Alabama-Huntsville, the Badgers will face their toughest test of their young season when they travel this weekend to Magness arena to face the Denver Pioneers.

Denver hasn't gotten off to the hottest start this season. They shockingly lost to Lethbridge, a fairly week CIS squad. They looked ok taking 3 points at Vermont but they were swept this past weekend by #1 ranked Boston College and by all accounts didn't look very good.

Denver, like Wisconsin lost a ton of talent off last years roster including WCHA Player of the Year Marc Cheverie. So far it looks like the Pioneers are still looking for his replacement. Junior Adam Murray was absolutely abysmal last season in limited action and hasn't looked much better this season. Freshman Sam Brittain, who was recruited hard by Wisconsin has fared better, despite being winless so far in two contests.

The Pioneers really struggled over the weekend to put the puck in the net recording only two goals all weekend. So far this season they are averaging two goals per game. Denver has arguably the top class of freshmen in the country and forwards Jason Zucker and Beau Bennett won't stay quiet for long. Bennett has gone scoreless in 4 games, and I bet on him being held scoreless this weekend. Talented freshman Nick Shore broke his hand/wrist and was fitted for a cast before last weekends series. Shore did not play last weekend and I wouldn't expect him back against the Badgers but it's something to follow.

Despite losing Patrick Weircoich to the pros, the Pios are actually pretty strong back on the blue line. Sophomore Matt Donovan is one of the top defensemen already in the WCHA and they add in talented freshman David Makowski to help ease the blow of Weircoich.

According to the DU Hockey blog "LetsGoDU," there will be a pre-game pep rally party on Saturday before the game. Obviously the party is for DU fans but Denver has some cool fans and I'm sure it will be a fun event for Badger fans making the trip.

If your looking for coverage on the Denver side of things this week. The LetsGoDU hockey blog is solid and the Denver Post's Mike Chambers is one of the best in the business.

The Friday night game will be televised live on FSN Wisconsin and FSN Rocky Mountain. Game time is 8:30 Central Time. The Saturday night game will not be on TV but will be broadcast via webcast for a fee on Pioneer Vision at Webcast is only available on Saturday. Saturday game time is 8:00 Central Time.


Wisconsin checks in (again) this week #15 in the poll and moves up 1 spot to #14 in the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine poll. Denver falls from #6 to #11 in the poll, and from #8 to #13 in the USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Poll.


Patrick Johnson suffered a concussion on Sunday according to Andy Baggot and will undergo testing this week. His availability for this weekend is currently unknown. With concussion treatment on the front burner, I would expect PJ to sit out the weekend.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Michael Mersch move up to PJ's spot on the unit with Dolan and Ryan Little. Eaves has expressed interest in getting Mersch more ice time and this would be an opportunity to do so. I would expect Jefferson Dahl to center the fourth line with Hartzog and Meuer as his wingers Friday and Jason Clark making the trip as the extra forward.
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Badgers Complete Sweep Behind Murrays Big Day

Jordy Murray had a big night (err afternoon) notching a hat-trick and the Badgers finished off the sweep of Alabama-Huntsville. Freshman Mark Zengerle recorded his first collegiate goal and Brett Bennett stopped 18 shots in front of 11,731 en route to a 5-2 victory. Story Score Game Presser Sharp Enough's hat trick lifts Badgers sweep home opening series vs Alabama-Huntsville Hat-trick leads No. 15 Badgers past Chargers’s hat trick lifts Wisconsin over Alabama-Huntsville
WSJ (Baggot)-Sweep generates little excitement

BOX Score

First Period
2:42-UW-Mark Zengerle (Craig Smith, Justin Schultz)

Second Period
0:15-UW-Jordy Murray (Zengrle, Schultz)
1:51-UAH-Fiarbanks (Baxter, Durnie)
12:54-UW-Murray (unassisted)

Third Period
7:59-UW-Murray (Schultz, Brett Bennett)
8:32-UW-Jake Gardiner (Zengerle, Smith)
11:01-UAH-Easton (Desmet, deBruyn)

UAH-Saunder (5 goals against, 21 saves)
UW-Bennett (2 goals against, 18 saves)

Around the WCHA (Saturday)

North Dakota 5, Bemidji State 2
Michigan Tech 5, Minnesota State 5
Nebraska Omaha 4, Minnesota 2

Boston College 3, Denver 0
Minnesota-Duluth 7, Providence 1
Miami 1, St. Cloud 1
Union 4, Alaska-Anchorage 3
Alaska 2, Colorado College 1
Wisconsin 5, Alabama-Huntsville 2

Photo courtesy of RedHeat15
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tailgate Reminder

Just a reminer to everyone to join Gandalf, Tex, nubeetle, HatchetJoe, Mr. 60, and me as we host our Tailgate Extravaganza before tomorrow's game! There's a link on the left. Should be a lot of fun!

Wisconsin Recruiting: Nice Little Friday Night

Quick little story for you. I love it when media relations people e-mail us with information. So needless to say I was excited when Muskegon's Christopher Heimerman sent me a note to alert me of Brendan Woods big night. Except for the fact that it was at 4:40 this morning. When your e-mail is hooked up for your phone, that's not a fun time to wake up. Just giving you a hard time Christopher, keep it coming.

That said, lets get into a quick recap of our committed recruits from last night. I won't get into all of them but some had pretty nice Friday nights.

Brendan Woods-Muskegon (USHL)
I was semi-concerned when Woods didn't do much in the pre-season and then was held off the score sheet in the season opener vs Sioux Falls. Consider my concerns put to rest for now. Woods bounced back with back to back two point games including a two goal effort last night against Sioux City.

Joel Rumpel-Penticton (BCHL)
Rumpel has picked up right where he left off last season and had another solid performance last night. Rumpel was named the third star and stopped 23 of 25 shots in route to a 3-2 OT victory.

Corbin McGuire-Fargo (USHL)
McGuire is making that tough transition from prep hockey to junior hockey and doing so as a high school junior. After limited action in his first two games, as well as a healthy scratch on opening night, McGuire had a nice Friday night notching his first USHL goal and putting 4 shots on goal.

Tyler Lapic-Chicago (USHL)
Lapic's had a pretty mediocre season in the USHL last year and has already been traded twice in his career. He may have found a home in Chicago. Last night the New Prague forward notched a pair of helpers in a 5-2 win. He now has 4 assists in 5 games this season.
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Badgers Open Up Kohl With 7-0 Victory

WSJ (Andy Baggot)-Badgers beat Alabama-Huntsville 7-0 drop Alabama-Huntsville 7-0 Game Press Conference (Video) Gallery Game Quotes Faces Bring Similar Results
JSOnline-Badgers feeling right at home prove tough to tame for Chargers


First Period
11:25 Justin Schultz (Jake Gardiner, Jordy Murray)
13:23 Jake Gardiner (Craig Smith, Mark Zengerle)

Second Period
7:03 Tyler Barnes (John Ramage, Podge Turnbull)
7:29 Sean Dolan (Pat Johnson, Ryan Little)
8:42 Justin Schultz (Craig Smith, Mark Zengerle)

Third Period
1:07 Podge Turnbull (Craig Smith)
14:01 Gavin Hartzog (Jefferson Dahl, Jake Gardiner)

Around the WCHA

North Dakota 5, Bemidji State 2
Nebraska-Omaha 5, Minnesota 4
Michigan Tech 5, Minnesota State 2

Boston College 6, Denver 2
Miami 6, St. Cloud 3
Wisconsin 7, Alabama-Huntsville 0
Minnesota-Duluth 5, Providence 3
Colorado College 4, Alaska-Anchorage 3 (non conference)
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