Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Friday morning thoughts . . .

  • Last Friday, I mentioned here on the blog that I'd like Justin Schultz to step up, and he sure did so last weekend, especially on Saturday. Then on Sunday morning, I thought to myself that I'd really like Jordy Murray to score some goals for me. And his response was to score a hat trick for me. WOW! Thanks, Justin and Jordy!
  • Tex listed some things he'd like to see this weekend. Unfortunately, he won't get to see Bucky making Adam Murray look bad, but I'm hoping he'll settle for Bucky making Sam Brittain look bad. (Would that be a suitable alternative, Tex?) He also wants to see Justin Schultz continue his hot start (I highly concur), a decrease in Badger penalties (no kidding, we lead the league with 103 PIM, and I think we're 2nd nationally behind Michigan), and goals spread out among a bunch of players. I think Tex will get his last 3 wishes.
  • I'd like to see Scott Gudmandson have a bit better rebound control, make all the saves he should, and make some saves that he shouldn't. On Saturday, I'd like to see Brett Bennett continue to inspire confidence, make all the saves he should, and make some saves that he shouldn't
  • My apologies to Jordy for not throwing my hat this weekend. I throw like a girl, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have cleared the glass. I like Jordy's response to the lack of hats:'"It's football Sunday so you want to get home and watch some games," Murray said with a smile, implying that any delay to recover the caps would be costly.' [ Baggot]
  • I didn't realize that Jordy Murray was injured last year. I don't know if his play this year is a combination of his injury being healed, his simply taking a step up from last year, or a bit of both. Whatever it it, I like it.
  • Does anyone remember the 2007-08 season when the Badgers crushed Robert Morris 7-2, 8-2 , went up to Tech and lost 4-2 on Friday, and then continued on with a less-than-stellar first half? Although Gandalf might not believe me, I actually remember this. I remember being pleased with the split at the Lefty, super-happy about the sweep of Robert Morris, and then not-so-happy about the rest of the first half. And I remember a lot of talk about the sweep over Robert Morris causing over-confidence, at least among fans anyway. This comparison came to mind pretty quickly after last weekend's sweep of UAH. However, I think we're all aware that the Badgers didn't face much of a test v. UAH (nor v. HC before that), and so while we're happy about last weekend I don't think anyone is overvaluing the sweep. And I like the players' mindset about beginning WCHA play this weekend (see quotes in It's Friday I'm in Love), so I'm looking for a couple of good games this weekend.
  • Completely unrelated to Badger Hockey, but I think this is hilarious:

    “They’ve got to crack down on all this hitting from behind.”

    That’s what North Dakota assistant coach Cary Eades said after the Fighting Sioux bus was rear-ended last Thursday en route to a weekend series at Bemidji State. NoDak sports information director Jayson Hajdu passed Eades’ gem along to Brad Elliott Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald. Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision. [INCH]