Friday, October 29, 2010

The Dangerous Jorday Murray & other random Friday morning thoughts

In the spirit of full disclosure, let me say that due to my work schedule last weekend, I only saw the 3rd period on Friday and the 2nd/3rd periods on Saturday. However, I do have some random thoughts that I had meant to share earlier in the week but didn't have the the time.
  • Was it just me, or did the Denver radio guys preface Jordy Murray's name with "The Dangerous" every time they referred to him on Saturday? Being as big of a Jordy Murray fan as the next guy (maybe even more so), I'll agree that Murray is an offensive threat and think "The Dangerous Jordy Murray" has a nice ring to it. Having said that, I gotta say that it sounded a bit ridiculous for them to refer to him that way every time. (I'll be honest, though, I think that's what I'm going to start doing. I've been waiting to find a nice name for Murray, a la St. Stepan and 1st-Star Zengerle, and this is as good as any, I think.)
  • The Denver radio guys also made the statement Saturday when the Badgers were up by 2 goals that the Badgers are always tough to play against when they have the lead. You know I love the Badgers, but it seems to me that in recent years they've been better than anyone at blowing a 2 goal lead (or 3 goal lead, for that matter). Should've won Saturday's game outright and avoided OT.
  • Which brings me to the OT futility clock, which Gandalf tells me has malfunctioned due to overuse. For the love of Bert DeHate, the Badgers have gotta figure out how to win an OT game (not to mention how to hold on to 2- and 3-goal leads). Btw, when WAS the last OT victory?
  • Getting back to the Denver radio guys, they also made an odd comment about Craig Johnson and Patrick Johnson. CJ made a play, and they referred to him simply by his last name. Then they said something like this: "And as always with Wisconsin, it's a question of which Johnson, Patrick or Craig." Now, I don't expect the Denver guys to be experts on our roster, but the comment seemed particularly odd, as I can't think of anyone who has ever confused them in the past. PJ's a forward, CJ's a defenseman, the number 3 is hard to confuse with the number 10, and I don't think this is "always a question", lol. (Yeah, yeah, I'm easily amused.)

Moving on from last week, here are some other random items:
  • Having mentioned the Badgers' ability to blow a lead, I should mention that this year the Huskies are 3-0-0 when entering the 3rd period with a lead. Nope, no OT when enetering the 3rd ahead.
  • I learned something new about Chris Tancill. I'm somewhat horrified that I didn't already know this, but at the same time I'm quite please to learn that good ol' #22 is the most recent Badger to score points in the 1st 8 games of a season (4-7-11 in 89-90).
  • You know that early on here I've been a fan of freshman winger Tyler Barnes. He's clearly got some talent, but unsurprisingly (given that he's a freshman) he's been a bit inconsistent in WCHA play. Mike Eaves says that moving him to the 2nd line is a chance for him to step up, and I hope we see him take advantage of the opportunity this weekend.
Regarding Tex Western . . . (as it appears that I pretty much want to see the things that he wants to see; he's just much more articulate than I am) . . .
  • The Tech Power Play must be rendered ineffective: Like Tex, I'd like to see the PK be a bit more solid, not to mention the Badgers spending a bit less time in the box. Perhaps my nervousness is simply a function of who I am, but I really do think that at some point in the past I was less nervous when the Badgers were on the PK.
  • The Badger offense must bounce back: Tex wants to see some more Badger goals, and so do I. However, he mentions that Genoe and Robinson have been letting in a fair number of goals, with a combined GAA of 3.8. But to be fair to Genoe, most of those goals, I think, were let in by Robinson. Genoe has a .944 SV% and 2.10 GAA. Given that Genoe is getting the start tonight, I thought I should mention this.
  • Avoid Overtime: I don't want to talk about this anymore.
  • I want to hear that the Husky Husky is up to his old tricks: I hope the student section is ready!