Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kicked off BU, Saponari Moves to BC

Ok, so this isn't really Badger hockey news but I simply could not resist.

Troubled forward Vinny Saponari who was dismissed from the Boston University hockey program by legendary head coach Jack Parker this spring when he broke a team drinking rule and showed up late for the subsequent punishment has committed to Boston College.

If that isn't the biggest middle finger to Jackie Parker I don't know what is.

Due to NCAA rules, Saponari is not eligible to play college hockey this season so he's playing for Dubuque in the USHL. He will join Boston College in the fall of 2011.

According to the article from the Boston Hockey blog, the move wasn't driven out of spite.

"No, definitely not," Saponari said. "I love the city of Boston. I got to spend two years there, and I think that had a big part, me loving the city and being in Boston. It had nothing to do with spite."

After learning his fate of being kicked off of BU earlier this year, Saponari clearly didn't think it was justified.

"Yeah, definitely," Saponari said when asked if he felt he'd been made an example of. "I guess what better example to your team that you're serious than to kick off a player who's played a lot of games.

In other words, this had everything to do with spite.

I wonder if Saponari and Cory Trivino are going to be putting out any more hit singles. Party like a puck star indeed.
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