Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Friday morning thoughts . . .

  • I like Tex Western's new "What I Want to See this Weekend" feature, and I'd like to see all of the things that he mentioned. I'd also like to add one more thing I'd like to see - I'd like to really see Justin Schultz step up. You know he's one of my favorites, and while he looked fine on Sunday v. HC, I thought he looked a bit off on Friday v. BU. (Just my impression, I could be wrong.) I think he's going to be a great player for us this year, and I'm looking forward to his showing that this weekend.
  • I recently received an email from the UW Athletic Department that details the carry-in policy for the Kohl Center, which I don't think has really changed but I never really read it before. Granted, you never really want to be the person sitting next to the fan who can't stop ringing the cowbell, but I find it amusing that a cowbell is shown in the "No Noisemakers" picture. Doesn't it just seem wrong to ban cowbells at a hockey game?
  • I like Ryan Little's response to his switch from D to F: ' "Obviously I'm not the most skilled player," he said with a straight face. "But I go out there and work hard and my linemates have been helping me out a lot, so good things have happened. I'm pretty fortunate." ' [Baggot]. And I'm confident that Gandalf and Hatchet Joe will like Ryan's response to this question: 'Asked for his preference — a goal or a big hit — Little smiled. "For my role, probably a big hit," he said. "Goals are an added bonus." ' [Baggot]
  • Last Friday (before the Badgers took the ice), when chatting about the Badgers with a scout, I remarked that the Badgers weren't the team that they were last year, having lost a ton of players to graduation or early departure. I'm afraid I may have implied that it might be a rough year for the boys (although in my defense, I did say I was optimistic and was looking forward to the season). But I like 1st-Star Zengerle's perspective of things: "For the new guys coming in, there's a good amount of talent and a good amount of offensive players," Zengerle said. "We may not be the same offense as last year, but it's a good base to grow as a young [team]." [Gabriel]
  • I miss Todd Milewski, whose Badger Hockey beat coverage was eliminated with the demise of the printed Cap Times. I know this is old news, but I just can't help lamenting the issue. Sure, we can still read some of his work on USCHO (and it's always good), but his focus has shifted to general NCAA/WCHA news, and I really miss his Badger Hockey coverage. *sigh*
  • You probably already know this, but in case you missed it, blog favorite Brian Rafalski is going to be out for a few weeks after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery.
  • The Hartford Wolfpack (AHL) website has a nice article about both Derek Stepan and Ryan McDonagh. (Thanks to byndblueshirts and Capo fort the link.)
  • I love that Jake Dowell and Jack Skille are up in Chicago this season. (I only wish the Hawks would win a few more games.) The Hawks play in Columbus tonight.
  • Earlier this week, Andy Baggot had an article about future Badgers Tim Davison, Cody Strang, and Troy Hesketh in which he discussed their delay in donning the cardinal and white. The article offers a perspective for playing an extra year in juniors.
  • (Edited By Chuck) I didn't want to make a new post so I'm adding on to this 60, hope you don't mind. The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead's Ryan Clark who is the beat writer for the Fargo Force has a feature this morning on Badger recruit Troy Hesketh who was traded from Fargo to Chicago. Chicago is going to play in Fargo for the first time this season.
I can't remember anything else right now, but I reserve the right to make additions to this post throughout the day . . .