Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Everybody Loves Ryan Little

Yep, I'm on the Ryan Little bandwagon. And why not, it's fun! And so I thought I'd pull out a couple of fun quotes from Eaver's Monday presser:
He’s a tremendous skater. He’s one of our physically stronger guys. He knows our systems. Even though he was a defenseman, he knows our verbiage. And he’s an intelligent player. And he has the respect of his teammates.

[T]here was some trips that Jeff [Sanger] would stay behind and have guys play small area games. And he said that young Mr. Little was pretty good in those games. He scored some big time goals, so maybe we’re uncovering a secret here. Time will tell us.
During the press conference, Eaves indicated that Ryan was moved to forward to help get some more age and experience among the forward ranks. He also indicated that the move was not necessarily made with the expectation that Ryan would score a lot of goals (but hey, he's gonna score some, isn't he?) but rather that his scoring is a bonus.
[The] move was made on a thought that how could we keep our forward group, such a young group, get them to be a little older. And I think moving Ryan up there was an attempt to get him into a role that we thought he could help our team.

The fact that he chipped in with a couple goals this weekend is, you know, it looks like a really good move by us as coaches, but quite honestly, those are bonus things. And that line itself is a line that all we ask for them to do is the play solid, chip in goals. And they did chip in goals this weekend. It just happened to be a guy who was a defenseman now playing forward.
Now don't get me wrong, Little isn't going to be Hobey Baker, and it's hard to predict too much based on 2 games, but he looked good both games last weekend, and I think he's going to do a nice job for us this season. Besides, stuff like this is why I love Badger Hockey. ON WISCONSIN!