Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boo for Patrick Who?

Ma60 and Rabidbucky on buckyville needs to be given proper credit for the Patrick Who? moniker.

As EoDS points out in a previous post, "Badger Reject" and perhaps even a "Judas" chant might come from the student section this weekend. Fans should feel free to join in early and often, and don't be afraid to boo every time #28 has the puck.

Andy Baggot gets into the act today in the WSJ. Warning: some of the comments left below the article are asinine, left by Phil Kessel sympathizers.

He loved the energy of the crowds at the Kohl Center. He liked the idea of testing his near-4.0 grade-point average in a strong academic environment. He got glowing reports about UW from childhood friend Kyle Turris as well as Wisconsinite and junior-league roommate Matt Thurber.

I wonder how those "tough" classes at DU are challenging his grade point average?

Matt Thurber better be in the lineup this weekend.

Wiercioch said he expects a less-than-enthusiastic reception at the Kohl Center this weekend. Thurber verified that notion.

"I'm sure it's on everyone's mind in there," he said, nodding toward the UW dressing room, "showing him that the decision he made we feel could have been better."