Friday, February 20, 2009

Hockey @ Camp Randall - an update (sort of)

Andy Baggot has an update about the lack of updates concerning the potential outdoor game at Camp Randall Stadium.
UW coach Mike Eaves acknowledged Thursday that an announcement was supposed to come in January, but said it's now been put off until March and he was unable to give specifics for the hold-up.

"It's getting all the ducks in a row,'' he said.

Eaves said he was unaware of any major glitches that would jeopardize the game, which organizers hope will draw a world-record crowd of 80,000-plus for an outdoor hockey game.

From this, we can glean that they'd plan on putting the rink right in the center of the field, in order to try and fill all the seats and eclipse the attendance record from the Cold War Game between Michigan and Michigan State in 2001. Spartan Stadium was at 103% capacity for the game, with a total attendance of over 75,000 people. Given that Camp Randall's current capacity is in excess of 80,000 people (and that the extra field space for a hockey game can further increase attendance with the inclusion of full marching bands, etc), a sellout would set the world record for hockey attendance.

Baggot also had some pricing information:
Another source said tickets for the UW-Michigan game will likely be priced around $15.
That's a perfectly reasonable price. With that, I think selling it out is definitely possible. Wisconsin drew just under 41,000 for a game against a far less prestigious hockey opponent (Ohio State) in a non-Madison city (Green Bay). Doubling that for a game against Michigan in Camp Randall should be easily attainable.

(H/T - Ricecloud9 over in the Lunatic Fringe)