Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey Hey What-a-ya-say? LETS GO U-A-A!

Blockski had an outstanding post up earlier in the week reminding us that we need to be cheering for Alaska Anchorage like they are the cool cousins. With Wisconsin being off this weekend, my biggest focus is on the UAA-Minnesota series. I could care less about Minnesota, but like Blockski pointed out, UAA can help out Wisconsin big time.

So I'm flat out stealing Blockski's post here and I'm going to copy and paste it in. I am doing this though because it is important to Wisconsin's chances of getting into the NCAA tournament.

Why root for the lovable green friends from the frigid north? Several reasons.

1. The RPI.

UAA currently sits at
#28 in the RPI (.5023), not too far behind #25 UMass Lowell (.5126). If UAA can get up to #25, that will help UW's RPI. It will also help

2. The PWR

UW holds a 4-0 record against the Seawolves this season. Should they find their way into the top 25 of the RPI, UW's 4-0 record against UAA will factor into the TUC comparisons, which might be enough to flip a few comparisons in UW's favor - and against the prevailing tendency of the PWR to mirror the RPI.

3. The WCHA Race

I'm not sure if anyone else watches Around The Horn on ESPN, but to channel Woody Paige - LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE! UAA has league series remaining against Minnesota, North Dakota, and UMD - all teams that can help them improve their RPI with wins, all teams that are in the midst of battles for PWR position with Wisconsin, and all teams that are relatively close to the Badgers in the WCHA standings

For those of you living in Western Wisconsin, UAA will be on FSN-Minnesota which is channel 31 on Charter Cable. If you are not in Western Wisconsin, the game is also being televised on the Fox Sports-Sports tier. It will be on charter cable 302, otherwise known as Fox College Sports Central. Check your local listings.

I just had to point this out as well, "tRug" was interviewing UAA coach Shiak before the game and he mentioned how UAA has won 3 out of their last 8 games, tRug chimes in, yeah .500! Correct me if I'm wrong, but last time I checked, winning 3 out of 8 games does not get you to .500, but thats just me.