Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Badger Men's Hockey: Trying to find a spark

Andy Baggot tells us that Mike Eaves has been mixing up the lines as "an act of trying to stimulate, create something new". I don't know if that'll help or not, but the Badgers gotta do something to find a spark.

Eaves talked about last weekend's sweep by Denver in his Monday press conference.

In Monday's Badger Herald, Mike Bleach talked about positives from last weekend. Believe it or not, as disheartening as last weekend was, I could come up with some positives, too. Unfortunately, those positives aren't going to do anyone a bit of good if the Badgers can't figure out: a.) how to hang on to a lead, b.) how to respond to losing the lead, or c.) how to respond to getting behind early. I thought the Badgers had gained some resilience and ability to respond to adversity earlier in the season, but those attributes weren't evident this past weekend.