Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Listen Alex, unless you want me to lead, you're going to have to put your hand on my waist."

Congratulations, EoDS, for your I hate rodents caption contest win!

Donald, your entry might not have won, but feel free to still collect on either prize (volcanic eruption or visit to the Manitowoc submarine) that Gandalf lined up for you.

And although you didn't win, Donald, we really did like your entry, as well as Way up North's entry and Gandalf's offering:

Donald: "Now now son ... don't worry. Referee school isn't that difficult ... we're all ex-players that couldn't cut it. You'll fit right in. So raise your right hand and repeat after me ..."

Way up North: "Don't worry about it Kanger! My Dad has us all trained on how to blow down the play early whenever there is a scramble in front of your net for a loose puck. We just pretend that you've got it covered and simply BLOW...TWEET! See how that works? We practice this all the time at the Kohl Center."

Gandalf: "Sorry kid, I did my best to throw the game your way, but you're a f*cking sieve."

Thanks to everyone for playing!

(Photo by Neil Ament: Alex Kangas and Derek Shepherd, UW v. Minnesota, 1/25/08)