Monday, February 16, 2009

Somebody, Anybody own (insert name) vs Denver

Well the change in title led to good things two weeks back against minnesota, and I'm not afraid to go w/ the hot hand (or title) again this week. Plus I'm somewhat superstitious about stuff, if the team loses, I usually don't wear that jersey again for awhile. I still want Patrick Johnson to own people, but this should be a team affair, since they need to play as a team to win down the stretch.

Speaking of that stretch, its really crunch time now, and what a better way to celebrate than crunching our opponents. A sweep by either team this week puts that team in a great position and the other looking at holding on to a top 5 finish.

Patrick Weircioch will not be on the list; plain and simple the Defecticon should be owned regardless, especially by Matt Thurber his former Omaha Lancer teammate and roommate.

Option #1 - Joe Colbourne, the 1st round pick of the Boston Bruins from last summer has been heating up after a slow start to the season and is really making a difference for the Pioneers. I believe he has a point in nine consecutive friday games. Time for the Badgers to put a stop to such foolishness, and time for a new streak to be started: how many consecutive shifts he is owned.

Option #2 - Marc Cheverie, he is in his first full season of netminding for Denver taking over for Peter Mannino who was a glorious flopper. Marc is having a good season, he is in the middle of the pack in WCHA goalie stats. All kind words aside, he's still a sieve, time for the Badgers to drop the hammer on him early and often.

Option #3 - Rhett Rakhshani, the junior forward leads the team in goals and is second overall in scoring. W/ Tyler Bozak out of the lineup, he is probably DU's top player on the ice. Top players need to be brought back to earth sometimes, and I know 18 players in the Cardinal and White who are up for that assignment.

Option #4 - Tyler Ruegsegger, another junior forward who leads their team in PP goals. While DU's PP hasn't been great this season (compared to UW's in conf play), Tyler has done his part to help the team succeed. His sister Rebecca will be joining the Badger Women next year as a goalie, and while we're excited to see her in the Cardinal and White, we're pretty excited to see her brother owned this weekend too.