Friday, February 13, 2009

Street Will Red-Shirt

Many of you have been wondering what the deal is with Badger senior forward Ben Street. As you are all aware, Ben tore his ACL earlier in the season when the Badgers were in Denver. There has been recent speculation that Street may be able to return for the playoffs but Andy Baggot has an update for us today saying he spoke with Eaves and Street is focusing on next season.

While many of us hoped to see Street come back by the end of the season, it was really an un-realistic possibility. An ACL injury is really hard to come back from and I'm really looking forward to what Street can bring to the table next season.

Depending on departures this team could be absolutely loaded next season. The only forward we lose for sure is Tom Gorowsky. More than likely, Blake Geoffrion and John Mitchell will also take their game to the next level and leave Madison. There are always surprises and we could see one or more players go as well but that's not likely. Getting an extra season out of Street, and adding Craig Smith, Derek Lee, and possibly Mark first star Zengerle could really make this team into an NCAA title contender.

(Photo by Red Heat 15)
(Again, thanks to TODDFASTBALL for the heads up)