Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Around the WCHA Feb 6 & 7

Last week's results:

Mankato swept minnestoa!
Denver split w/ UAA losing in OT on saturday
North Dakota and St. Cloud split
Wisconsin gave one to Duluth on saturday night

Over at Goon's World, he has been keeping track of what occurred last week during the gopher/land cow series. On friday night, following a checking from behind suffered by a teammate, gopher Brian Schack jumped the Mankato player and in the process broke his leg, and then proceeded to punch him in the back of the head as he lay prone on the ice. Don Lucia did a lot of bitching about it. While I agree the WCHA refs suck (who wouldn't), don't sound like you condone such actions tDon. The goofers apparently are turning into a bunch of goons when things don't go there way, like a bunch of babies who need their diaper changed (and subsequently can color their putrid jerseys). They were the aggressors when the visited North Dakota a few weeks back too. Badgers better watch their backs this weekend, Tony Lucia is setting a fine example for his teammates in starting crap and then going and hiding in the corner (more on this friday).

The standings didn't change much.

1 - Denver - 20 games - 26 pts
2 - North Dakota - 20 games - 25 pts
3 - Wisconsin - 20 games - 24 pts
4 - minnesota - 18 games - 21 pts
4 - CC - 20 games - 21 pts
4 - Duluth - 20 games - 21 pts
7 - Mankato - 22 games - 20 pts
8 - St. Cloud - 20 games - 19 pts
9 - UAA - 20 games - 16 pts
10 - Tech - 20 games - 7 pts

Nothing will be easy down the stretch, St. Cloud and UAA might even have to fight a volcano this weekend. Thanks to LetsGoDU for the link. Every game is huge, will any team actually gain some ground this weekend?

Wisconsin @ minnesota - Hell w/ it, SWEEP for the Badgers!
CC @ Michigan Tech - Winter Carnival will get the Huskies a big win this weekend.
Denver @ Duluth - Split, time for the DUMP to see the home team lose again.
St. Cloud @ UAA - Mount Redoubt wins if it blows, otherwise a split.
Mankato & North Dakota are off