Wednesday, February 4, 2009

#1 PK in the Nation...Wisconsin Badgers

Through 28 games this season the Wisconsin Men's Hockey team has the best Penalty Kill in all the land.

Penalty Kill:
1 Wisconsin 90.4
2 Miami 90.1
3 Alaska 90.0
3 Minnesota 90.0
5 Northeastern 89.0
6 Maine 88.8
7 Notre Dame 88.7
8 Cornell 88.1
9 Boston University 88.1
10 Yale 87.8

The Badgers also lead the WCHA in PK (92.5%), PP (22.3%) and combined ST (59.1%). Wisconsin is also +17 in special teams net, the next closest is Denver at +6.

Last week I loved how Duluth's PP was hyped, and then was woefully pathetic against the best PK in all the land (which was hardly mentioned in coverage outside of Madison).

minnesota is right up there in PK as well. Do they pull soft goal Wangas for his backup on the PK so they still have a chance?