Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wisconsin outdoor game resurrected?

Most of you have already caught this on other blogs such as the WCH blog, or the Blog that Yost Built, but it's definitely worth a mention here as well. According to the Detroit News, Wisconsin is primed to make an announcement on an outdoor game at Camp Randall in February of 2010.

It sounds as if the likely opponent will be the University of Michigan. Back in June, there was speculation that the opponent would be Minnesota. Well, due to Bruce McLeod (who by the way, does anyone remember this?) Wisconsin couldn't play Minnesota in an outdoor game due to a bunch of bogus excuses.

Personally I'm really excited for the prospects of another outdoor game. As the Blog that Yost Built pointed out, outdoor games kick ass. There is also a possibility that we could break the record for attendance. I expect them to make an announcement soon to build off the success of the Chicago outdoor game at Wrigley.