Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Robert Morris, Niagara admitted to Atlantic Hockey

The first step to Bemidji State joining the WCHA happened a few weeks ago when the WCHA unanimously voted to accept applications for admittance. They cleared another small hurdle today when Atlantic Hockey accepted Niagara and Robert Morris, two members of the CHA conference that also houses Bemidji and Alabama-Huntsville.

With Niagara and Robert Morris moving to Atlantic Hockey, I don't think there is any possible way that the WCHA turns their backs on Bemidji and lets the program die. I'm not going to go into details on why they need to, because you know all the reasons, but things are starting to come together to save that awful thing they called the CHA.

One issue is obviously what Alabama-Huntsville is going to do. Geographically they aren't a great fit anywhere. Two names that have been brought up the most to move to the WCHA are UNO and Air Force. Both teams have gone on the record stating they will NOT be applying for membership in the WCHA. The next possible team, and most likely, is Northern Michigan. I truly believe that they will apply to re-join the WCHA, and Huntsville will apply for membership to be the 12th team in the CCHA. Is it the best option? I'm not sure, but at this point it seems like the most likely to happen.