Monday, January 12, 2009

Mike Vilardo rant

Earlier this morning, 60 linked to the Wis-sports blog talking about the Badgers showing interest in Mike Vilardo from Team Illinois who committed to Ohio State. Chris at Western College hockey has an article on it as well.

I wish the kid (and realistically all kids) would wait a little bit to commit. As far as I know, Ohio State was the first and only school that Vilardo visited. While it is true that other schools showed interest, none of them really got to show what they could offer the kid. He jumped the gun on his first offer.

While Ohio State isn't a terrible hockey school, don't you think you would at least want to take visits to some of the other schools that are showing interest in you? At 15/16 years old, you should probably visit a few of the places before you decide where your going to go to school 2-3 years down the road. Also, if a school like Ohio State is making you an offer at 15/16, it's not like the offers you are receiving are going to dry up in the future. Obviously you have talent and are going to acquire more offers as time goes on. Why not wait, look at the offers and the schools that are recruiting you and make an informed decision instead of blowing your wad because a D-1 team made you an offer.