Thursday, January 29, 2009

The worst home loss in Oiler history?

The Oilers website calls Tuesday's 10-2 loss the worst home loss in Oilers history. Bruce at Oil Droppings, while agreeing that the loss was brutal, tells us that this isn't quite true, as the Oilers website is discounting the WHA days of the Oilers.

I thought this part of Bruce's post was pretty funny:
The Sportsnet guys told us it was the most goals the Oilers had given up in a home game since allowing 9 to Chicago last month. Consulting my Grade One arithmetic text, I discovered that 10 is actually more than 9.
For what it's worth, Bruce had to go back to 1982 (10-8 loss) and 1981 (10-4 loss) to find the last times the Oilers allowed 10 goals at home. And he had to go back to 1977 (11-1 loss) to find the Oilers' worst home loss in history.

You might be wondering how good ol' Tom Gilbert played on Tuesday. I didn't watch much of the game, but apparently while not being fantastic, he wasn't horrible. So while he may not have helped a lot (and who can blame him the way the rest of the team was playing), at least he didn't really hurt. Per Staples:
Tom Gilbert, 5. The only Oilers defenceman who didn't make a goal-causing error, and that says something. Played OK, nothing too good, nothing too bad.

Speaking of TG, BDHS was discussing who the Oilers should and shouldn't trade, and here's what he said about him:
77 - Tom Gilbert - People talk about moving Gilbert and he is actually the guy after Hemsky who I would make an untouchable. A better player than Grebeshkov, signed longterm to a nice contract and much younger then Souray and Lubo. An important part of this club through the window we are talking about and beyond. When Souray and Lubo's contracts expire he won't be thirty yet - you don't move a guy like that