Monday, January 12, 2009

Patrick Johnson owns (insert name) vs CC

I'm under the assumption that Patrick will play this weekend when Colorado College comes to town. Should Patrick be unable to go, Ryan Little will again fill in. Based on the radio coverage, it sounded like Ryan did a bang up job owning the Seawolves, nice job filling in Ryan!

This is the only time the Badgers will see CC this regular season, and based on last season's results against the Tigers, the Badgers need to come out and kick some ass. If Patrick is in the lineup, no doubt he'll be leading the way, needing an outlet to expend two weeks worth of idleness watching from afar.

This week's choices:

Option #1 - Chad Rau - I had a hard time putting Rau on the list because I like him well enough, but this week he's the opponent, so no breaks are given. Rau burned the Badgers for four SH goals last year, in the process owning Kyle Klubertanz on several of those occasions. No short handed goals for Rau this year as Patrick puts CC's leader in all scoring categories in his place.

Option #2 - Gabe Guentzel - Don Lucia didn't want Guentzel at minnesota and after a less than stellar season last year, the rodents made his dad the scapegoat forcing him to resign. Now the Guentzel's are a happy family in Colorado Springs; dad coaching son. The elder Guentzel might want to have a hug ready after his son is rocked by Patrick Johnson.

Option #3 - Ted Behrend - Sticking w/ a theme this season, we add the Oregon, WI native and 2008 Mr. Hockey finalist. Behrend is a freshman this year, and has only played in six games, but if he does play I'm sure Patrick will find a nice way to welcome him back home.

Option #4 - Cody Lampl - Lampl has recently returned from a suspension, and you might be asking yourself for what? Lampl decided to have a little threesome w/ a potential CC recruit and another female CC student last season. I know Scott Owens looks like Ron Jeremy, but do you really need to create a porno scene to recruit players? Maybe if your school stopped choking once the word regular was changed to the word post in front of the word season, you wouldn't need to resort to these tactics. Time to pay up for your misdeeds, and Patrick Johnson is the judge, jury and executioner.