Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wisconsin Recruiting: Lapic Squared?

It's been said that 2 is always better than 1. In the case of the Lapic brothers, Tyler (senior) and Darren (sophomore), that statement couldn't seem so true.

Tyler, already committed to Wisconsin is the one who gets all the publicity. Darren? To outsiders, he's just been know as Tyler's little brother. That's about to change.

Due to another great New Prague sophomore, Seth Ambroz, deciding to play this season in United States Hockey League, Darren has been provided an opportunity to play on the Trojans top line with his brother and another D-1 prospect, senior Schyler Adams. "Little Lapic" has done little to disappoint this season. He's put up a line of 7-13-20 in 16 games so far this season. The Lapic-Lapic-Adams line has drawn praise from Minnesota hockey circles. Minnesota Sports Preview.com has the line listed as the 7th best in the state of Minnesota. They had this to say about the super soph, "Darren is the younger brother of Tyler and has taken on a distributor’s role on this top line, with a team-high seven assists already. He did score 14 goals last year and was the fourth-highest scorer."

Obviously the Wisconsin coaching staff is fully aware of Darren's talent and there is no doubt that they are keeping an eye on him. Many NHL teams have been around to watch Tyler play, and don't think for a second they haven't taken notice in Darren. While having a brother at a school doesn't always guarantee landing the little brother, (see: Gardiner, Max) I have a feeling that the Lapic situation will work out for the Cardinal and White.

Wisconsin Hockey: Littles and Lapics.