Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Andy Bohmbach Week: Freshman / Sophomore Seasons

(Bohmbach, wearing #8 as a freshman, scored his 1st goal as a Badger wearing the jersey pictured to the left. Photo courtesy of Redheat15.)

Andy Bohmbach Week continues with a look at the Bohmber's freshman and sophomore years.

I wish I had Bohmbach's bio pics from his 1st two seasons. After seeing his freshman pic, I wondered if Bohmbach was contemplating whether or not he should murder the photographer. After seeing his sophomore pic I realized I was both right and wrong -- sure, murdering the photographer was in his thoughts, but it's not so much that he was contemplating murder as much as he had already decided to murder the photographer if the right moment came along -- he was just waiting for the right moment. Luckily, that moment never arrived, and no photographers were murdered (that I'm aware of). I don't know why it took me so long to decipher his look -- Mark Osiecki usually looked the same way in his photographs -- I wonder if Oz teaches classes in having pictures taken? (By the way, this season Bohmbach doesn't look quite so murderous; he looks more disdainful, as it appears he has decided the photographer just isn't worth it.)

Anyway, Bohmbach first broke into the lineup for the Badgers in 4th game of the '06-'07 season, a 1-0 victory over UND on 10/14/06, as the team was beset by injuries.

He tallied his 1st point as a Badger with an assist on Ben Grotting's goal in the Badgers' 5-2 victory over UMD on 10/21/06.

He scored his 1st goal as a Badger in the Badger Hockey Showdown v. Clarkson in the Badgers' 6-2 loss on 12/29/06.

If I remember correctly, as a freshman Bohmbach spent most of his time in a 4th-line role.

Bohmbach played in 17 games as a freshman, as his icetime diminished the 2nd half of the season as previously injured players returned to the lineup.

As a sophomore, Bohmbach played in 18 games. He was in and out of the lineup at the beginning of the season, often playing just 1 night of a series. However, by the end of the season he was a regular on the 4th line, playing in the Badgers' last 7 games, including the Midwest Regionals.

Bohmbach had 3 assists as a sophomore -- 1 in the Badgers' 4-4 tie@ Michigan State on 11/24/07 and 2 in the Badgers' 5-3 win over Bowling Green in the Badger Hockey Showdown on 12/29/07. (The Bohmber sure seems to like the Showdowns, doesn't he?) Tom Gorowsky got most of the press for the victory over Bowling Green, but Bohmbach managed to get some nice mention in the WSJ and TCT as well.

Baggot (WSJ): Bright lights arrive

"We talked about the fact we were going to find out together who was going to step up and be that pleasant surprise," Eaves said.

Enter the line of Gorowsky, sophomore left winger Andy Bohmbach and freshman right winger Podge Turnbull.

Gorowsky had the first multi-goal outing of his 64-game career. With two assists, Bohmbach had the first multi-point outing of his 25-game career. With two assists, Turnbull might have turned in his best game of the season.

"They stepped up, they filled a void," Eaves said.
"We kind of have synergy between the two of us it seems like," Gorowsky said of Bohmbach. "We play really well together."

Milewski (TCT): Gorowsky, mates step up for for shorthanded Badgers

With three of their top scorers out of the lineup because of international duty, some of the Badgers' lesser-used players answered the call Saturday in a 5-3 victory over Bowling Green in the third-place game of the Badger Hockey Showdown.

With his first career two-goal outing, junior Tom Gorowsky headed the list. But linemate Andy Bohmbach also was a positive force, and their linemate, Podge Turnbull, completed a solid weekend from players who got more ice time because of the team situation.

"We're down three players that we would call difference-makers, and other guys step in and pick the team up," Eaves said. "It was really fun to watch. We said it right before the tournament, we were going to find out together (who would step up), and we did."
Bohmbach, meanwhile, was a big-time prep player at Hudson, then developed into a mid-level scorer in the USHL.

But roles change, and how players adapt to that often determines their success. And in that respect, success isn't always measured in goals and points.

Anyone who has been a big-time player at one level but has been asked to change their game at another has a place in their heart for those like Gorowsky and Bohmbach. Count Eaves among them.

"When you see Tommy and Bohmber and Podge, this is the way they can help the team, by being the best unit in that role and go out there and play so that the coach builds trust in them," Eaves said. "They're not going to take penalties, they're going to give us energy, they're going to be solid defensively. And the last thing is if they chip in offensively. Well, they did all of that (Saturday). So for them, that's a watershed game and it says, 'Hey, we helped our team win tonight.'"

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