Thursday, January 22, 2009

1st Star Zengerle on his commitment

Todd Milewski @ TCT (who does any outstanding job covering the Badgers BTW) talked w/ 1st Star Zengerle (formerly known as Mark Zengerle) this week.

Todd brings up the original Defecticon (Patrick Wiercioch) who left his commitment at the curb to play at Denver this season. For all the idiots out there (yeah talking to you minnesota fans) Eaves didn't push Wiercioch out like you love to believe. Could we have another situation here?

As has been discussed several times already, Tom Gorowsky is the only senior who will be 100% for sure graduating this season. Ben Street will very likely get a medical redshirt. Coming in next season are Tyler Barnes, Keegan Meuer, Craig Smith and Derek Lee. I think Blake Geoffrion and John Mitchell are as good as gone, but that remains to be seen. We already have 16 forwards even if we lose 3, we still have 17 next season. Is there room for 1st Star Zengerle, BCHL Superstar?

In a phone conversation earlier this week, Zengerle said he feels like he could play college next season, and he's heard talk about players ditching a verbal commitment to go elsewhere earlier. But, the way he tells it, one won't connect to the other with him.

"I've made my commitment," Zengerle said.

This is a bold statement for him to make, and while I really hope he can come in next season, if he can't I hope he sticks to his word. I've already taken a liking to this kid. If I remember correctly 1st Star made a visit to only Wisconsin and made up his mind he wanted to come here, and then proceeded to lay waste to his BCHL compeition.