Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Andy Bohmbach Week: His 1st goal as a Badger

A bit later this morning, we'll continue Andy Bohmbach Week with a look at his current season to date.

But I thought we'd first take a little look at the Bohmber's first goal as a Badger, which as you'll remember was scored in the Badgers' loss to Clarkson in the 2006 Badger Hockey Showdown. In his own words:
I would bet everyone remembers their first collegiate goal as do I. Bendickson got the puck down the wall and made a great move around on of the defenders which put us on a 2 on 1, at the last second when I was driving the net he slipped under the defenders stick on to my tape for an easy tap-in. In reality I didn't have to do much but getting that first goal was an amazing feeling even though we were still down 6-2. I would also have to say that it was my favorite goal also.
Thanks again to Andy for sharing his recollections with us!

(Photo courtesy of Redheat15)