Saturday, January 10, 2009

Badgers 3 - Seawolves 2

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Recaps: uwbadgers, WSJ
Game blogs: Milewski, Capobianco

Looks like Andy Bohmbach is gearing up for "Andy Bohmbach Week" on the blog (I know I'm excited), as he helped spark the Badgers comeback last night by scoring the Badgers' 1st goal 43 seconds into the 2nd period.

I shouldn't admit that I'm confused, because once someone explains it to me I'll look like an idiot, but I can't figure out if Bohmbach's goal was EV or SH. Everyone says SH, but the box scores list 5 Badger skaters on the ice. And the last Badger penalty was Bohmbach at 18:32 of the 1st. Which further confuses me because Capobianco had the Badgers opening the 2nd period on the PK with Murray, Bohmbach, Gardiner and McBain.

The other thing I find interesting about the goal is the two fairly different descriptions of it. From the WSJ:
While skating short-handed, Badgers senior Tom Gorowsky ripped the puck away from Anchorage's Curtis Leinweber behind the Seawolves' net. Gorowsky whipped a quick hitter to a charging Andy Bohmbach in the left circle, and Bohmbach punched in his fifth goal 43 seconds into the period.

From Capobianco's live game blog:
I just watched a replay of the first UW goal and the Badgers got some luck on the play. The UAA defenseman playing the puck behind the ice lost the puck when it stopped dead, presumably on a wet spot on the ice behind the goal. Tom Gorowsky picked up the puck and got it to Andy Bohmbach in front for the goal.
Now, I don't care if Gorowsky picked up a dead puck or if he ripped it away from the defenseman; the main point is that he saw an opportunity and took advantage of it by getting the puck and setting up the Bohmbach. So either way, it's all good. But the discrepancy caught my eye and I thought I'd share.

But getting back to Bohmbach, Capobianco also mentioned that Bohmbach had a good scoring right at the end of the Badgers' 1st PP and that he caused a UAA turnover in the middle of the 2nd period. It's hard to get a feel for how a particular player played without actually watching the game, but all indications are that the Bohmber played quite well. (Of course, we're not surprised.) Keep it up, Andy!

Speaking of players who played well, it sure sounds like Blake Geoffrion had a really nice game last night. In addition to scoring the PP game-winner, he had a scoring chance in the 2nd that drew a penalty, he had a slap shot right into the face of the UAA goalie near the end of the 3rd, and I remember him winning a key faceoff on the PK (perhaps in the 1st? I'm not sure). Nice to see Blake getting back into the swing of things. * EDIT -- I see Baggot just put up a blog post about Geoffrion. *

And it looks like Derek Stepan played well, too. If you go back and look at Capobianco's game blog, you'll see his name all over the place, always in a good context.

And of course, we gotta give Shane Connelly some love. I lost count of how many times Brian Posick exclaimed, "A GREAT SAVE BY CONNELLY!" or something else to that effect. Seriously nice work, Shane!