Sunday, January 11, 2009

Duluth Foreign Legion 4 - Badgers 0

This is what happens when we start talking about unbeaten streaks and potentially making it through the whole season without a loss: not only are the Badgers handed their 1st loss of the season, it's a shutout. (Box, Recap, Game Blog)

Perhaps the Badgers were a bit too overconfident after defeating the US Select Team last weekend. Or perhaps, after a rocky start to the season, the Foreign Legion is playing a bit more like we expected them to. Jessie Vetter was a little under the weather, but it's hard to fault the goaltender when the the rest of the team didn't score a single goal and the other team dominated puck possession. But whatever the reason for the Badgers loss, it wasn't a good game for the Badgers. A couple excerpts for Boscacci's live game blog:

In the 1st (not sure of time):
Badgers still haven't had a shot, the puck has stayed in the Badgers zone for most of the game.
During a 2nd period PP:
Again, the Badgers didn't score, and didn't have many opportunities, the Bulldogs did a good job that time
End of 2nd:
The Badgers didn't have much on offense in the second period, with UMD dominating possesion of the puck.
10 min left in 3rd:
The Badgers haven't been able to keep the puck in their offensive zone long enough to get a good scoring opportunity
At a time like this, I can't help but think of what Jessie Vetter said in Milewski's article the other day:
"I think there will be a time when we will possibly get a loss or need a loss to get us back in check and realize that we've still got to go out and play a full 60 minutes," said Vetter, a former Monona Grove athlete. "But if that doesn't happen and we keep the energy up and play good and just stay focused, we'll be a pretty good team at the end of the season."
The Badgers play the Foreign Legion again today at 3 PM. I have no doubts that we'll see a better game today. And so that you don't have to look back to Friday's post, here are your gameday links. (I highly recommend Boscacci's live blog.)

Video webcast: b2tv (pay)
Livestats: umdbulldogs
Live game blog: Boscacci