Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Patrick Johnson Owns (insert name) vs Duluth

Only 10 games left in the regular season for the Badgers, and its time for everyone to step up their play to lock up home ice for the first round of the WCHA playoffs, and maybe even make a push for the MacNaughton Cup. Following a week off, everyone should be ready to go and that includes Patrick Johnson, who should be back to 100% and ready to own some Bulldogs.

In November, Wisconsin traveled to Duluth for a series where they gained 3 big points and gave Duluth their only home loss so far this season. The fan’s vote that week was for Alex Stalock to be owned and Patrick did not disappoint, sneaking the first goal of the weekend past the big sieve.

Wisconsin remains 3rd in the WCHA standings while Duluth is 6th, though Duluth is currently ahead of Wisconsin in the one ranking that really matters: the Pairwise. They are currently #13, Wisconsin is #16. A sweep by Wisconsin should turn this comparison for good.

Options #1 – Justin Fontaine, he leads the Bulldogs in scoring w/ 12-22-34. INCH is talking this kid up as a possibility for the Hobey Baker because apparently he has been a force on the Duluth PP. Duluth has the best PP in the WCHA, Wisconsin has a stout core of PKers who have done great since the horrible start to the season; something has to give. Instead of the Hobey Baker, he can get an award called Owned, and Patrick is the presenter.

Option #2 – Josh Meyers, he leads all Bulldog blueliners w/ 7-12-19. I’m sure there are some Duluth fans who think he is the top dman in the WCHA; I guess they never heard of All-American Candidate Jamie McBain. There is another name Duluth fans will know after this weekend: Patrick Johnson.

Option #3 – Cousins Connolly, Mike and Jack are 4th and 5th in scoring for Duluth respectively, and actually they aren’t related. I suppose this is impressive for a pair of freshmen. Before their heads get too big they need to be put in their place; paging Patrick Johnson.

Option #4 – Alex Stalock, he’s already been owned but I couldn’t help including him once again. Anyone who swings their goalie stick at opponents and punches someone below the belt (ask Blake Geoffrion about that) deserved to be owned. How many other goalies have 4 minor penalties this season? Hey Badgers, how about you put a dozen goals past this clown this weekend so everyone gets some ice cream?