Monday, January 5, 2009

Patrick Johnson owns (insert name) @ UAA

It's been about a month since the last addition, and I really didn't feel like doing one for the Showdown and then Patrick was injuried last week. So, it just so happens that Patrick's last opponent to own will be the same as his next opponent, Alaska Anchorage.

Now there is possibility that Patrick will not be able to suit up this weekend because of said injury. I have a perfect replacement for him: Ryan Little. Ryan is still figuring out the college game, and getting use to the pace, but one thing he excels at is owning opponents. After Patrick, I would put him as the biggest hitting little guy on the team (pun intended). If Patrick can't go, the skates are yours to fill Ryan, take this job seriously.

I should remember the UAA series better, but the Holidays and what not (3 goal epic collapse) have clouded my mind, so I'll do my best.

Option #1 - Sean Wiles, he had a great series against the Badgers in December, scoring his 2nd goal of the season in front of some family and friends from Beliot. That was all fine and good because the Seawolves lost. Sean is a big kid, but the bigger they are the harder they fall, especially after being crushed into the boards.

Options #2 - Tommy Grant, he also had a goal against the Badgers, and really is a pretty good WCHA talent. He keeps up this pace and he'll definately be 2nd team all-WCHA at minimum. That doesn't matter this week, time for him to come crashing back to reality, by being owned by a Badger.

Option #3 - Nils Backstrom, if my memory serves me right, he was doing a lot of crying to the officials when UAA visited Madison last month. I would have sworn he had a gopher jersey on instead of the equally ugly seawolf. He might be the only NHL draft pick on their squad, but that won't grant him immunity from being owned.

Option #4 - Trevor Hunt, again my memory is clouded, but I remember young Mr. Hunt being involved in some post whistle extra cirriculars during the series in December. The WCHA allows that crap so that the game gets out of hand later and Sheppard can further look like complete moron. Maybe he won't be looking for the cheap shot after the whistle after being repeatedly owned by Wisconsin.