Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tom Gorowsky Week: Wednesday edition

Today I thought we'd take a look at the last time we saw Tom Gorowsky on the ice -- last season's Badger Hockey Showdown.

If you'll remember, the Badgers lost Friday's game to Colgate in a shootout (officially it was a tie, but whatever) and then faced Bowling Green in the consolation game. On Saturday, Gorowsky scored 2 goals, earning himself headlines in the WSJ and TCT. Both articles are very good, and in addition to praising Gorowsky's performance, they praise his handling of being a bubble player -- Bohmbach refers to him as a role model in how he works during practices and handles himself off the ice despite not getting playing time, and Gorowsky talks about how he's tried to stay prepared so that he can take advantage of whatever opportunities he gets.

I'm hoping to see Gorowsky and Bohmbach on a line together this weekend -- during the Showdown they seemed to have good chemistry, and I'd like to see that again!

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(Photo courtesy of Redheat15)