Monday, October 20, 2008

Ratty Johnson Owns (insert name) vs minnesota

Well the Badgers are 0-4, its disappointing to be sure, but its a new week and our opponent to open things up at home is none other than the ground squirrels from minnesota. Not only will the biggest bunch of punk a-hole players being on the ice in their ugly uniforms, but their equally obnoxious and useless fans will be traveling w/ them. Bring your A game to the Kohl Center this weekend, this includes the guys in Cardinal and White on the ice.

Last week friday, I didn't see much of Ratty owning Patrick Wiercioch, John Mitchell got a good shot on him and Matt Thurber had a few words in the corner w/ our nemesis during the first period. I would say he got the better of us, but that is for another post.

W/ the possibility of Ben Street being injuried for a long time (could be all season) more leaders need to step up, and Patrick Johnson is just the sort of guy to do that. A good way to start would be making a few gopher players cry by owning them this weekend. They will likely cry anyway, I would too if I got to escape minnesota for a few days, only to realize I had to return following the series.

I'll admit, last week's poll was pretty weak, this one is better (I think so at least). I've chosen 4 opponents for you the fans to vote on, and I guess from there we'll see what happens this weekend. Start the drive for .500 w/ a sweep.

Choice #1 - Tony Lucia, the only reason he is in DI hockey is because his daddy is the head coach of the team. Some coaches sons get to play at minnesota, while others make better choices and head to CC, allowing the elder Lucia a scapegoat for their poor campaign w/ Mike Guenztel's resignation.

Choice #2 - Aaron Ness, the reigning Mr. Hockey in the land of 10,000 lakes (supposedly) will be the 3rd best Mr. Hockey in the arena even if Tom Gorowsky doesn't play. If Ratty doesn't own the midget blue liner, prehaps Ryan McDonagh will. The real question, will Ness be in an Islanders uniform by Christmas.

Choice #3 - Alex Kangas, 1/8 human, 7/8 kangaroo (no that is not a compliment) he returns in goal for the gophers. Everyone raves about this kid, but you'll hear (or read) no such nonsense on this blog. I'm not impressed by his play, and could care less if the gophers are undefeated. He's a minnesota goalie, his luck is like a time bomb just waiting to explode. The aftermatch of that explosion is Jeff Frazee or Hellen Briggs V2.0.

Choice #4 - Mike Carmen, he leads the team in goals through two games, so why not put him on the list. Hell, I could have put any gopher player in the #4 slot, they all suck.