Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Defenseman U and other items

  • Todd Milewski has a FANTASTIC article today about the Badgers' blueline. Yeah, yeah, I know; I always say Todd's articles are fantastic, but this time I'm saying it's FANTASTIC. With 5 blueliners drafted in the top 2 rounds, Milewski wonders if the UW has become Defenseman U.

    This article is full of all sorts of fun stuff -- some 1990 references, some quotes from the the Hurricanes, the Canadiens, the Blue Jackets, and the Ducks (Dave McNab!) about the Badgers' program, some quotes from the Badger defensemen, and of course some quotes from Mike Eaves. Good stuff!

  • INCH must not have gotten the Defenseman U memo. They've released their preseason All-American teams, and they put Jamie McBain on their 2nd team, not their 1st team. But hey, it's INCH, and I guess we should be glad they put McBain on a team at all.

  • I just found another quote about Jack Skille. (For some reason I always seem to stumble upon Skille articles at least 2 days late. So sorry, Jack.) This article was published on Monday before the Hawks final roster was set but after it appeared Skille would make the team.
    "It looks good for Versteeg and Skille," Tallon said. "They're quick, competed hard and just played with a lot of energy and skill. It was good to see."
  • In other NCAA news -- I haven't really been following the whole Canadian universities applying to the NCAA situation, but James Mirtle has a nice article about the University of British Columbia. He points out that the UBC would fit in well with UAA and UAF, as both schools are DII but play DI hockey, and they'd likely play in the same DII conference.

    My question is this -- if they apply to and are accepted by the NCAA, which hockey conference would UBC be a part of, as the WCHA and CCHA aren't looking to expand. Especially as UBC's hockey program was not exactly stellar last season -- a 12-16-0 regular season record in the CIS is not going to translate into a competitive record in either the WCHA or CCHA. Does either league really want another bottom-half team?