Friday, October 3, 2008

Introducing Tom Bardis . . .

Ok, so Bardis has already been around for a year, but I don't think most Badger Fans know a whole lot about him. Luckily for us, Todd is on top of things . . .

Milewski (TCT): A new start for Bardis as practice begins

Bardis said that he transferred to UW because he wanted to play for a bigger and better program and that he appreciates Wisconsin's professional and serious approach. He also indicated that he benefited from having to sit out last season after transferring from SLU.

Todd notes that Bardis played in only 12 games his freshman season at SLU, with only 3 of those games occurring in the 2nd half. For what it's worth, I seem to recall SLU having a glut of forwards that year, sitting 5-6 forwards a night. Not that the situation is much better for Bardis here -- the Badgers will have 16 forwards, sitting 4 a night -- but the situation at SLU does indicate that his lack of playing time wasn't necessarily due to a lack of talent or ability.

I'm not sure what Eaves' plan is for Bardis. During practices last season, Eaves used Bardis on D in order to have 4 complete defensive pairings, despite Bardis being a forward and having an admittedly difficult time adjusting. And this makes me wonder whether or not Eaves sees Bardis as a serious contender for a spot at forward. But I gotta like Bardis's attitude about the competition to make the lineup:

"I tell myself I'm at the bottom so I can have the drive to get to the top. I like to work like I'm at the bottom, but at the same time, confidence-wise, absolutely, I'm in the top 12."

"I can only control what I can control, and whatever the coaches do, that's their decision," Bardis said. "But I'm going to make it real hard for them not to put me in, that's for sure.