Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Glass Half Full . . . & other items

As disappointed as we were after the game looking at that game, we did a lot of really good things. That is one thing we will share with the kids today both verbally and through videotape is that we did a lot of really good things, so that will be a starting point.

I think you can talk about it in two different ways. If you take a look at it from an offensive standpoint — where their strengths lie — they have done pretty well, actually they have done very well. I think with their play away from the puck we saw some real good growth on Saturday night in terms of what we are looking for and things that we are trying to get at.

-- Mike Eaves

Today's Badger Herald rehashes Mike Eaves' Monday presser, including the above quotes from Mike Eaves.

The article also includes Eaves' thoughts on Shane Connelly's play on Friday -- let me point out his tongue was firmly planted in cheek when he said "He needed to make 47 saves" when asked what he told Connelly after he made 46 saves and lost by 1 goal.

As promised, Andy Baggot has more on Ben Street's injury, including Street's response.
You can't be too upset, you can't be too down about it. It is what it is. Things happen for a reason, and we'll just make the best of the situation.
Milewski also a bit more on Street's injury, lamenting what the Badgers' will miss during his absence, most notably a stabilizing force.

Milewski includes the lines from Monday. Keep in mind that Mike Davies and Matt Thurber didn't practice and will likely be slated back into the lineup.

A couple of non-Badger items:

It appears that The College Hockey [and other stuff] Blog has reemerged. I've added a the link on the left.

INCH has a humorous cocktail napkin this week: Eleven Cost-Saving NCAA Tournament Measures. I think you'll like the ones regarding BC, Michigan, and UND . . .