Monday, October 27, 2008

Men's Hockey Review Linkorama

Normally 60 does the linkoramas, but I think she is thoroughly exhausted from Tom Gorowsky week, so I better link things up for everyone.

Friday the Badgers blew a 2-0 lead and hung on to tie minnesota 2-2. As a friend said after the game, "we secured a tie from the jaws of victory". Dplaya over at HIW has some great thoughts from friday, so I won't comment further. He also has video posted of the Badger goals on the weekend here, and since I haven't figured out the video posting yet, I'll direct you there.

One comment I do have, I don't know if other noticed this, but Patrick Johnson was doing everything in his power to win that game in the 3rd period friday. When is that hussle going to rub off on his teammates? He does hard every shift, all game, all 18 skaters need to do that for this team to be successful.

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Saturady and Weekend Review articles:

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I don't have many comments to add from saturday night. It was a rough one to sit through. Its apparent to me that bad things happen to the Badgers when they take a few shifts off or don't give it their all. The first goal 6 seconds in rings true to that. I always enjoy seeing a Badger log their first goal, and hats off to Matt Thurber for notching his 1st goal as a Badger in the 3rd period. I swear if they didn't have names on the jerseys, I could get Thurber and Patrick Johnson mixed up, or take them for brothers. They finish checks, play hard in the corners, give their best effort all game long and their mouths don't stop for the opening puck drop. Despite all the poor play saturday, I'm very happy Matt is a Badger.

Oh yeah, I really enjoyed watching Patrick White hold a towel to his face after Ben Grotting beat him down.