Monday, October 27, 2008

TG Week Wrap-up

(Photo courtesy of Redheat15)

Well, Tom Gorowsky Week is over, but I needed an excuse to post this picture from the scrimmage. (I swear the picture wasn't there when I wrote the write-up of the scrimmage.) I suppose I'll have to do another update later when RH15 gets her pics from this weekend online . . .

DPlaya thinks Goro played pretty well on Friday, and I always defer to DPlaya . . .
Tom Gorowsky made the most of his limited shifts and really showed up when he was on the ice.
Goro assisted on Podge Turnbull's goal on Friday, and he also had a screen on Podge's goal on Saturday. He finished even on Friday and +1 on Saturday.

In the Saturday post-game press conference, Eaves was complimentary of the 4th line of Bohmbach-Turnbull-Gorowsky, saying the following:
I think all weekend we were able to put them out there and they did give us a spark, gave us scoring chances, gave us hits, gave us energy, and chipped in a goal. So that's a bonus for us, I mean in terms of the offense. But they showed good chemistry, and something that we hope they can build on.
Also in the post-game presser, someone asked Goro about his line with Podge and Bohmbach, saying:
Tom, for a team struggling to get on the same page, it seems that your line with Andy and Podge has been clicking so far.
Goro indicated that they were all hungry and that he specifically was hungry to get in the lineup and wanted to play well. Regarding his linemates, he said:
I think me and Bohmber played pretty well together. We always kinda play around after practice and we played pretty well together, and Podge jumped in there and played really well and was able to pop 2 this weekend.
I think perhaps we'll have to do "Andy Bohmbach Week" next . . .