Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kyle Turris' Calder Campaign

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60 is probably going to chastize me for jinxing Kyle Turris w/ this post, so be it.

KT has started his first full year in the NHL, and is off to a decent start. Through 5 games this stats are 1-3-4, -3 w/ 8 SOG. This ice time is low at 12:04 minutes/game along w/ 15.4 shifts/game. In comparison, the top line for the Coyotes is around 17 to 18 minutes/game and 25 or so shifts/game. Based on his gamelog his playing time and shifts are increasing.

One stat this is not so great (though the season if VERY young) is a faceoff % of 28.2%. He's a young centerman, and as Darren Pang mentioned several times during the 3 games he played in for Phoenix last Spring, he needs to learn all the ins and outs and how to "cheat" in the face off circle.

Not a bad start for Kyle, and congrats to him on his first NHL goal against Anaheim.

James Mirtle weighed in on the very early Calder race on his blog. He also mentioned KT's smaller amount of ice time compared to other players/rookies.

The NHL season is still very young, and once I can get off the road for good, I'm looking forward to NHL Center Ice, and w/ that I'll be updating KT's season as it progresses.