Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grotting wins decision by KO in 3rd period

Don't have pictures or video yet (I'm hoping someone posts this on youtube, please comment if you find anything), but last night despite the 5-2 loss to the much hated rodents of minnesota, Ben Grotting brought his best in the 3rd period w/ about 10 minutes left when he pummelled Patrick White.

Until he is dethroned, Ben Grotting is the WCHA Heavyweight Champion.

I kinda feel bad for Patrick White (ok not really), the officials are normally suppose to jump in when the players hit the ice, but in this case Derek Sheppard decided to just let a player get beat down lying prone on the ice instead. It was the culmination of a weekend of horrible work by the zebras of the WCHA. White threw a few punches to start things, but of course they missed that only giving the game DQ to Grotting. I guess when you get you ass kicked that bad in a fight, someone needs to have sympathy for you.

As someone commented to me after the game, it was great to see the "grind" line of Mitchell/Dolan/Grotting all in the box together, they don't back down from anyone.

Ben should be suspended next friday against North Dakota. I'm sure Eaves wasn't very happy w/ Ben and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even make the trip to Grand Forks, but for a lackluster evening of hockey it sure put a smile on a lot of Badger fan faces.