Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Almost Friday Linkorama: Badger Women

  • The Badgers remain #1 in the USCHO, USA Today, and BTD polls. Minnesota remains at #2 in all polls. Duluth is #7 in the USCHP and USA Today polls; BTD has them at #4.
  • Becker Law Office and the Badger Women are want fans to "Pay it Forward".
    Fans of all ages are encouraged to submit their most creative idea of how they would choose to “Pay it Forward” if given $500. Please be as detailed as possible including who you would help, what you would do to help them and how you would do it.
    Fans who enter the contest will receive 2 free tickets to the Nov 30 game v. Mankato, and 4 winners will receive $500 to implement their plans.
  • The Badger Herald has an article about the Badger Women's trip to the US Hockey Hall of Fame, and it includes the team's reaction to Mark Johnson place in the HOF.
    “As we were in there, they had the 1980 ‘Miracle’ video — like the real video, not the movie — playing,” Lawler said. “We were just sitting there until [one of] Coach’s goals came up, and we kind of started a ruckus in there for a little bit.”

    “After we left we were like, ‘That’s so funny that our coach is famous,’” Lawler said. “You never would have known he’s a huge part of the Hockey Hall of Fame. He’s just such a humble man.”