Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"His name was lucy, he was an arrogant ass"

I was going to move on from the Grotting/White fight, but then I stopped by Badger Nation and read this Aaron Brenner article. It's premium content, so you gotta be signed up to read the whole article, but here's what made me laugh:
“Call (the rivalry) what you want, I don’t think the guy who got in a fight was there to score goals for them,” UM coach Don Lucia sniffed. “We’ve got guys that can do that too. I’m glad Whitey showed composure because we don’t need him getting thrown out of the next game, we need him in our lineup.”
Lucia calls Patrick White "Whitey"? Really??

And was "Whitey" composed when he grabbed Grotting from behind, wouldn't let go, and then ripped Grotting's helmet off? Ok, maybe that wasn't lack of composure, but it sure was lack of common sense. Especially if you're concerned about getting in a fight and getting thrown out of the next game. If you need to be in the next game, don't skate up behind a guy like Grotting and do what White did, lol.

Yeah, I'm easily amused, but I just thought Lucia's comments were pretty funny.

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