Monday, October 20, 2008

Badger Men odds & ends

  • Milewski has a nice article today about the Badgers' confidence.

  • In the above article, Todd also mentions that the 1982-83 Title Team will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of their national championship this weekend. The actual anniversary was over 6 months ago, but they're celebrating in conjunction with Homecoming, and team members will be introduced during the Friday night hockey game and the Saturday football game. I hope John Johannson is there.
  • Mike Eaves had his weekly press conference today. The transcript isn't up yet, but you can find the video here. It's pretty interesting. Eaves backs off from his previous statement that the team isn't very good right now and points out things the team did well, including blocking 22 shots on Friday and 19 on Saturday. He also indicates that the team is excited for this weekend.

  • DPlaya has some thoughts about the Badgers' 1st four games. Pointing out that the freshmen have played relatively well and the veterans have struggled, DPlaya argues against Mike Eaves' claim of youth as a reason for the 0-4 start. I'm with DPlaya on this one. To be honest, I was surprised that Eaves pointed to youth, especially given his praise of the freshmen after the BC/UNH games, indicating that they played well and were as good as anybody on the ice. And let's not forget that McBain/McDonagh were called out by Oz for playing poorly @ BC/UNH, and McBain was benched at the end of the 1st period on Saturday @ Denver for his poor play. (I'm not trying to pick on McB/McD, as McD was much better this weekend and I think McB got the message on Sat. I'm just trying to make a point regarding Eaves' assertion that youth was part of the reason for the 0-4 start.)

  • The Badger Men have fallen out of the USCHO poll (nope, Todd didn't vote for them) and remain out of the USA Today poll. They also didn't make the INCH Power Rankings.