Friday, October 17, 2008

A few more Friday items . . . including a Tom Gilbert blog!

(I seem to keep adding things to this post, so if you've already read this post, you still might want to check it again.)
  • Tom Gilbert is the latest NHL Badger to start a blog, posting his 1st entry early this morning.
  • In his Men's Hockey Insider email today, Paul Capobianco has a bit of a travel update, including a link to a Badger Blog post:

    On most hockey road trips, the Badgers have a routine down to a science. Arrive on Thursday, practice at the home team’s rink, eat out at a restaurant. Friday, skate in the morning, nap, do school work or just plain rest in the afternoon before playing Friday night. Repeat on Saturday, though with some dry-land exercises in the morning instead of a morning skate on many occasions.

    This trip to Denver was a little different. Read about how it was different at the Badger Blog.

  • Andy Baggot takes a look at the NCAA's plans for the NCAA tourney and the WCHA's response.

  • The NCAA has released a video about this season's rule changes.

  • THN has an article about Badger alum Mike Richter's political views and possible political future.

  • Adam Burish was mic'd up for the Hawks home-opener v. Nashville on Monday. I'm a bit disappointed that he didn't tell anyone that he was going to knock their teeth in or anything like that, such as he did last year when mic'd up.

  • I can't believe I missed this --in his 2 games last weekend, Brian Elliott stopped 66 of 68 shots. Pretty good SV%, hey? Both nights he was named 1st Star of the Game, and I think one of the nights he might have been named one of the 3 AHL Stars of the Night, but I can't find that now.

  • ISS released their October 2009 Top 30 Prospects, and while he didn't make the top 30, future Badger Tyler Barnes is listed as on the rise:
    Tyler Barnes - Waterloo (USHL)
    Position: RW Height: 6.00 Weight: 165

    Draft sleeper. Barnes has impressed ISS scouts with both his play and skills. Coach Eaves (Wisconsin/WCHA) has to be pleased with his future recruit's play as well. Barnes is a skilled player who is also a great opportunist. If he is given the room, he will score. With continued development and attention to small details, he will continue to elevate is draft position.